SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – A measure headed for the November ballot in San Francisco could undermine the city’s Care Not Cash program by removing a key component that makes the welfare program work.

Care Not Cash took the cash component out of the city’s welfare system, replacing it with housing, food and services. Participants get a small monthly stipend, and stay at a shelter while awaiting permanent housing.

Five supervisors, including Jane Kim, put a measure on the June ballot that would remove shelters from the program.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

”There is clearly a problem, an issue, and a challenge around the equity of how we reserve our shelter beds,” said Kim. “And that’s what this was aimed at addressing.”

Human Services Director Trent Rohr said that the measure would unravel the whole program, adding that Care Not Cash clients don’t push others out of shelter beds.

”Homeless applicants for public assistance would now get the full cash grant because we can no longer offer them shelter instead of the cash grant unless we had a housing unit available for them,” said Rohr.

Monthly stipends of $422 would go to those who need them, until shelter becomes available. Rohr said this would cost over $1.5 million, and encourage a migration of homeless people into San Francisco.

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