Bay Area Afghanis Cheer US Troop Drawdown

FREMONT (KCBS) – The reduction of US forces in Afghanistan is being welcomed by many Afghans living in the Bay Area.

Fremont’s Little Kabul neighborhood is the nation’s largest community of Afghani people outside Afghanistan. Although many residents are ready for America to leave their homeland, others are pessimistic about the future of the war-torn country.

”It’s been at war for almost 32 years, so it can’t just stop in one year,” said Eddie Hitaki of Union City.

Imam Muhammad Majid said that overall, the Afghan people have been assisting in the US efforts in Afghanistan, but questions the ultimate goal.

”We have been helping for a long time and the results are not there, so how long do you think we can cope with it?” asked Majid.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

An exclusive CBS 5 news poll shows that more than half of Californians believe the war in Afghanistan was not worth fighting.

Thirty-four percent told Survey USA it was worth it, and eleven percent are not sure.

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  • Jason Ertola

    So these Afghans who choose to NOT LIVE IN AFGHANISTAN want the US out. Why are they not there helping their country? Oh yeah, because it is stuck in the stone ages and they choose to idly sit in America. Figures.

    • Ralph Jessen

      They want to enjoy the freedoms of our country on the deaths of our soldiers that fought for those freedoms and then they turn around and applaud the fact that our soldiers are being removed from their country. Only one thing to say, GO HOME AND FIGHT YOUR OWN FIGHT THEN!!!!

  • Chae Kang

    Allah must have been the biggest Hypocrate. He has a large numbers of follows of his teaching who are the same.

  • That's All Folks

    Give Afghanistan back to the Taliban.

  • MrIndia

    just like many americans …they are applauding the withdrawl of American forces from a thankless pointless war ….the talibans are still strong and ordinary afganis are dying in the cross fire ….
    so what is the problem here ?

  • gail reed

    If the afghan people haven’t learned to take care of themselves in all these years I’d say they will not be successful working for peace and freedom. I’m getting tired of USA and allies working around the clock in their behave.Get out and come home Troops and rebuild America to be the Strongest Nation in the World.Obama is a failure and to him he has done exactly what he set out to do,Ruin The United States.He is not a friend to any of us,Americans.

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