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Contra Costa Firefighters Avoid Layoffs

CONTRA COSTA (KCBS)— Contra Costa firefighters have managed to avoid layoffs while producing $6 million worth of savings for the county through a contract agreement.

The agreement prevents any additional cuts in service to residents. Contra Costa supervisor John Gioia said the new Firefighter’s Wage Agreement is a big deal.

“This is a big deal because it saves the county [money] and keeps us from having to close fire stations this year,” said Gioia.

The president of firefighters union Local 1230, Captain Vince Wells said the fire protection district has been running bare bones for so long that there was no threat of layoffs of firefighters, but that they were planning on closing up to five fire stations.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

Wells who is a firefighter and paramedic said firefighters gave up a negotiated five percent salary increase, while cutting their wages by five percent. He said this will go a long way toward maintaining the current level of service in Contra Costa.

The proposal goes before county supervisors next Tuesday for final approval.

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  • Carole Kelley

    thank you firefighters of Contra Costa County.

  • Bay ARea Guy

    No worries, The firefighters will save up five years of vacation and sick time and claim it on their last year before retirement and clock a 6 figure retirement package..

    Retirement package is based on their last year of income.

  • Enough Already

    Really more BS on public service pension!! Firefighters take 10% of their pay(out of pocket) away from their families and ignorant people are still commenting on issues they have no clue about. Poor sheep, following uneducated media and politicians. The massacre of public service workers needs to end and so does comments by ignorant people who haven’t a clue.

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