LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) – Los Angeles police are examining a video that purportedly shows San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow being confronted by a Dodgers fan inside Dodger Stadium before he was savagely beaten in a parking lot on opening day.

The brief low-resolution video posted by TMZ.com on Monday shows a man in Dodgers gear pointing at a man who resembles Stow and swearing in Spanish. The Giants fan’s hands are raised protectively.

TMZ claims the video was taken before Stow was beaten by two men and left brain-damaged in the parking lot after the game. TMZ also said the Dodgers fan isn’t Giovanni Ramirez, who was arrested as the main beating suspect but hasn’t been charged. The website identifies the man as longtime Dodger fan Juan Banda.

“Detectives are currently looking at the video to determine whether or not it’s going to be helpful to the investigation and the investigation is currently ongoing,” police spokeswoman Jacquelyn Abad said.

Stow, a 42-year-old Santa Cruz paramedic and father of two, was wearing Giants apparel at the March 31 game. Police said that after the game, two men attacked Stow in the stadium parking lot. He was knocked down, beaten and left in critical condition with head injuries.

The confrontation shown in the video “appears to be the tail end of a verbal confrontation,” said TMZ, which declined to discuss how it obtained the video.

“We do not release information on our sources,” TMZ publicist Casey Carver said an email.

Asked whether TMZ had confirmed that the video was genuine and taken on opening day, Carver responded in another email: “We confirm all stories that are put up on the site.”

John Stow, Bryan Stow’s cousin, said he watched the video and agreed that it definitely shows his cousin.

“The girl who actually took the video talked to our family this morning,” he said. “She said this guy was kinda coming in and trying to instigate a fight with my cousin. Bryan just put his hands up and told him to respect the game. You see his hands are up in the air.”

It’s not easy to watch the video, knowing that his cousin was beaten later that the evening, John Stow said.

Ramirez is being held on a parole violation that is not related to the Stow case.  His attorneys claim that video evidence will show that their client did not match the suspect description at the time of the attack.

San Francisco General Hospital’s head of neurosurgery upgraded Stow’s condition from critical to serious last week.

Stow is still unconscious but has been responding intermittently to commands to open and close his eyes, and has some spontaneous left arm movement. He is also now breathing with a tracheostomy collar instead of a ventilator, according to doctors.

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Comments (14)
  1. Where has the video been for 4 months? Unbelievable.

  2. Dave says:

    ^—I think one of the biggest problems in our society is that those who are motivated by hate speak the loudest.

  3. Norbit says:

    So this video shows that Stow COULD’VE said something to the opposing fans. I know he didn’t deserve the beating but no fan gets up and tries to get face-to-face with you if you didn’t do anything. I’ve been to many ballparks..even the rowdy ones…sat in the rowdy areas..never had a problem. All this time, media and friends have been trying to paint a picture of Stow as the fully innocent one. Well..to me, that perspective has changed. I wish the very best for Stow..but someone needs to gets this clear that the attacker probably wasn’t doing this “out of nowhere.”

    1. scott says:

      you’re an idiot. words are words. actions are actions. stow is not in any way responsible for this. we choose what we do with our anger, and this guy confronted him physically, taking it to the next level. he should be held accountable for his actions. the way you describe it, anyone who speaks to another person in an undesirable manner deserves a beating. hate to be in ur household…

    2. Stephen Quentin says:

      Norbit you are on target. Altercations like this almost never take place without two parties escalating it. The perpetrators should be hung high but lets keep perspective on the likelihood of what may have taken place prior. Common sense always needs to prevail when keeping yourself safe.

  4. EMM says:

    so you are blaming the victim?

  5. Dennis Wahler says:

    real dumb in L.A

  6. lee says:

    If you are going to be a racist at least be a literate one. it’s border ! Try going to skool you fool.

  7. mark says:

    Yeah especially when white people act gangster…so pathetic..that’s how you get killed.

  8. scott says:

    ok, so now you have the aggressor, his seat number. his accomplices seat numbers and their identities along with how the seats were purchased that day. Band’s cell can provide more clues. His whereabouts during and after the assault can be determined.

    The guy leaves his seat to confront Stow, waving a finger in his face, and probably stalked him as he exited with his buddies. This is the guy you want LAPD, go get him now and solve the case. Please for Brian’s and his family’s sake. Go get this low life and make him pay, right now.

    1. Stephen Quentin says:

      They said he is not the same person. Don’t ride on emotion. Stick to the facts.

  9. copsLie says:

    can we please have just ONE DAY without all the Brian Stow hysteria.
    Look, I’m sorry the dude got hurt – but there are bigger things to focus on than the CONSTANT stream of drama.
    Enough already.

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