SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — State wildlife regulators have given tentative approval to a plan to restrict fishing off parts of Northern California that they say addresses Native Americans’ concerns about the possibility of losing their fishing rights and cultural practices.

But a tribal representative says the plan still falls short of what the tribes were seeking.

In a 4-1 vote on Wednesday, the state Fish and Wildlife Commission selected its preferred alternative for marine protection areas from the Oregon border south to Point Arena in Mendocino County. The plan exempts tribes from restrictions on harvesting marine life in certain areas on the North Coast.

But the tribes say they would still be restricted from other areas. They would also need to have a state fishing license and tribal identification and present evidence that they have historically gathered marine life in that area.

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  1. Leo McArdle says:

    According to treaties, tribes are supposed to be able to fish in traditional ways. How come they use modern nets, boats, tackle, etc. Thats not how they used to fish. They are doing more damage to the fishing then the white man. I have watched them as they used modern boats and nets at the mouth of the Eel river (i think it was the Eel, maybe it was the Rogue. To many years ago) to take almost everything that was trying to spawn. I feel it is time that the American Indian become American Citizens like all others. They can still keep their traditions just like many Italians, Irish, Koreans, etc. have.

  2. philvich says:

    i completely agree with you leo. if they are going to have special exempt status, they should not be able to use any technology that their ancient ancestors did not have. no modern fishing equipment, no guns to shoot polar bears, no modern vehicles (boats, cars, snowmobiles), no hiking boots or synthetic clothes. this politically correct pandering has gone too far.

  3. Kent says:

    Perhaps they are just trying to maintain the traditions of their forefathers, such as operating casinos and high volume tax-advantaged cigarette distribution empires. However, it is hard to argue that using modern commercial fishing equipment to haul in massive catches of fish is in keeping with the spirit of treaties meant to preserve their reasonable personal needs and ancient traditions. On the other hand, they now have a new tradition called, “the money dance.”

  4. robert says:

    Take a step back andfremember this is the Native american land already and they need our permission to fish now get real!

  5. Regulation Q says:

    ‘Tribal’ is the key word here.

    We (Americans) are becoming ‘Tribal-ized’ or, ‘Balkanized’ as the more familiar term for ‘division’ has come to be known.

    This is a Direct Result of: Political-Correctness taken to the point of Insanity, and its offshoots: ‘Diversity’ and ‘Multiculturalism’.

    We are no longer ‘United’ as Americans, we are now ‘Diverse’, as in ‘Divided’ Americans…

    Then again, that is what Marxism-Bolshevism is all about – Dividing and Conquering. I’d say it’s done a fairly good job in the last 30 years…

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