SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The Civic Center BART station closed Sunday night due to an officer-involved shooting that left one suspect dead, BART officials said.

BART spokesman Linton Johnson said a police officer shot a suspect who was allegedly carrying a knife. It was not clear yet whether the officer was a BART police officer.

Trains were running through the Civic Center station without stopping.

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Comments (15)
  1. JaneQPublic says:

    The dead person ALLEGEDLY had a knife? Did anyone actually SEE a knife? If so, what was he doing with it? Was it a pocket knife? Or a machete? Was the person just carrying it? Brandishing it? Threatening anyone with it? Attacking anyone with it? Injuring anyone?

    A LOT MORE info is needed on this story. As it presently reads, some guy with a gun shot and killed another person who may or may not have been doing anything to warrant being killed.

    1. Mark Johnson says:

      You’re also very quick to make the authorities out the bad guy here. I agree with the other comment, give it a little time before you jump in there with all your negative comments. Either way, someone’s life is over and that’s never a good thing just don’t automatically assume the authorities are at fault.

    2. Dawg says:

      Relax, life’s too short to get so worked up over a news article.

    3. Tom Tone says:

      Shut it Jane…you are an imbecile.

  2. NotSmartAreYa says:

    Apparently you’ve never heard of breaking news where someone gets a small bit of info and rushes to publish it; give it less than 12hrs and you’ll have the details you so obsessively desire.

  3. Ken Riley says:

    You’re the Sarah Palin of KCBS blogs.
    “Always in criticize mode without having something constructive to say.”
    Change your log in name, as the JaneQPublic moniker has lost all credibility.

  4. tn says:

    If you haven’t noticed, since the slow death of the newspaper and lack of money for educated or trained copy editors, electronic journalism / internet news is more like a blog. You can fill in the blanks…

  5. RCC says:

    Good job there CBS, you simply copy & pasted the article word for word from KTVU.

  6. Tom Tone says:

    Good job BART Police…seriously…good job!

  7. LD says:

    So where are the blacks now why aren’t they protesting this shooting oh yeah the guy was white that is why there not here to protest.

  8. Arthur Vega says:

    and we pay taxes to pay these punks …and they just go and shoot the guy after one minute..they deserve a medal…lol lol they deserve unemployment and few years in jail….i caint believe people approve of this .well i guess they have not being on the ground with a asault riffle and 45.berretas pointed at u for no reason than for a sorry excuse like(its for your protection and mine) by these peace officers witch is the right term of name not just moms friends that are police officers talk bad about these rookies that come to the force all gung-ho..and when problem arise the get scared and fear for there life and shoot people down why take the job if your a scary punk..they make the police exam so hard just for goody boys that pay attention in school and a’s test given to them ..while real down to earth street knowledge g’s that want to do good for a change get the boot..i rather have a officer that is street knowledgeable that is not scared than a preppy punk that want’s to play cops and robbers. Training my butt they need to change there hiring process. people that condone this actions are sick in the head until it happens to you ..we pay for these terrorist to roam around the street making petty excuses like i was afraid for my life to shoot someone down. i have being to the academy and they teach u that your gun is the last alternative in any situation.this was not proper police policy they are just covering each other up cause they dont want to look bad like the oscar grant in fruitville bart station murder…they had a taser then…they had a taser now…sick sick sick minds roaming the city with badges and guns…

    1. Sam Mallory says:

      most of the stuff you just idiotically ranted about have nothing to do with what happened in this situation. Go make a burrito essay and relax.

  9. jordansmommie says:

    Ok I thought we can bear arms knifes an all I know for ma self the world not safe hell I getting to the point I gotta bring a weapon to protect myself an ma 3month old while taking bart or ac transit I mean wat da f**’. Come on now they gunna shot me cus I’m protecting ma self an did they even find a knife. Cus its all hear say

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