HealthWatch: 3-Week Vegetarian Diet Kick Starts Weight Loss

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) — A new diet claims it will not only help you lose weight in just 21 days, it will also help you overcome major health concerns like cholesterol and diabetes.

In his book, “21-Day Weight Loss Kick Start”, Dr. Neal Barnard extols the virtues of high fiber foods and discusses vegan choices, benefits and challenges.

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  • Jim Bob

    Have you heard of an editor? …21 says… it should read days not says, this makes me doubt the reliability of the information when they can’t even get an editor to read the content before posted

  • JaneQPublic

    I agree. The ‘editors’ no longer edit. Like Oakland, there’s no there, there….

  • CC

    It’s not all that easy….I am third generation vegetarian.
    It is still possible to gain weight and be vegetarian. Smaller portions and exercise are also necessary to loose weight. He didn’t mention that in the video.

  • CC

    Also don’t get to much of that soy in your diet. To much can be harmful too.

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