(KCBS) – Audi has specialized in high performance, all-wheel drive sedans, and its new A4 demonstrates this in spades.

Not only is the 2-liter 4 turbo charged, delivering 211 horsepower, but it’s coupled to an 8 (yes, eight) speed automatic which responds promptly to the throttle under all conditions.

Despite the power, the Audi is gentle around town, and it also climbs our Bay Area hills without surging, as some older automatics do.

Ride and handling are first rate, interior accommodations, especially in back are better than the previous model, while the trunk remains large.

However, I did have one major complaint about the model I received. The combination of a sloping windshield, tinted glass and especially a light reflecting surface atop the instrument panel caused serious blinding when the car was facing the sun.

I certainly would check the panel color if I were buying this car, and would keep the windshield absolutely clean, inside and out.

Mileage, quite good, around 30 on the road. Price fully equipped: $42,745.

– Don Mozley, Auto Test Editor

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  1. Jorja says:

    You’ve really captured all the essetnlais in this subject area, haven’t you?

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