Suspect Shot Dead By SF Police Was Convicted Child Rapist

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – A man shot dead by San Francisco Police in the Bayview district Saturday recently served time in Washington State’s prison system for rape of a child, promotion of prostitution, and several other felony charges, CBS 5 has learned.

“That’s the same guy who was killed,” said Cpt. Mike Biel, commander of the San Francisco Police Department’s investigations division, when CBS 5 reporter Joe Vazquez showed the captain an electronic copy of the rap sheet of 19-year old Kenneth Wade Harding. “We are told he is a ‘person of interest’ in the Seattle case,” Biel said.

According to court documents from Seattle, Harding forced a 14-year old girl from a Seattle street in January, 2010, and drove her to another area where he commanded to get out and sell her body.

When the girl refused, Harding showed her a wad of cash and described it as “‘ho’ money,” wrote Seattle Police Detective Dale Williams in the police report. The girl refused, insisting that she was not a prostitute.

Harding then threw her belongings out of his car and drove off, leaving her in an unfamiliar area, the police report said.

Police said Harding knew the girl and even had sex with her a year prior when she was 13 years old and he was 17. That sex act took place at Harding’s house while he was under home detention for an armed robbery.

The shooting of Harding by police, the third police shooting in San Francisco since June, has caused an outcry among community members.

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  • Name

    What a disgusting human being! He is no victim in this.

    • [---♣---]

      SFPD did him hugh favor..

    • Star

      Shame on each and everyone who said he deserved to die, in this country it is innocent until proven gullty, but if it is a young black man who allegedly was a pimp or raped a child, then he deserves to die? You are as sick as you claim him to be for even saying those hateful things, may god have mercy on your soul because i’m sure you all believe in the same God I do and I will pray for you. Because no one deserves to die like that, and I mean no one, that is why we have a criminal justice system if we just went around killing people that we thought weren’t worthy of living I am sure those of you who made comments who be shot dead to lie in their pool of blood with guns pointed at your head-BOOM!

      • steve

        people like you. bahh

      • steve

        yay thats $50,000/year saved for tax payers.

      • WhataMaroon

        Yeah? I’m sure your story would be the same if it was YOU or your 13 year old daughter that was selected for sexual slavery. PLEASE.

      • Dave

        Star : you need to be the victim of a crime before you wake up and stop defending thugs who just take and never contribute anything – Go back to under the rock you crawled out of and take that fake bible you carry and save it – Most people know your story and can see through your blinders.

      • d

        You’re delusional. I thank the SFPD for taking this dirtbag off our streets, even if it has to be in this manner.

      • garyblaine

        The officers were returning fire on the child rapist. Thank God they did. Guess this is not about justice, right? If he wanted a trial he should not have been firing on the police, he chose his destiny.

      • ForestFire0

        Star, you are correct that in the U.S. innocence is presumed until guilt is proven. Unfortunetly for your argument, in this case guilt WAS proven and the man was convicted of the crimes of “rape of a child, promotion of prostitution, and several other felony charges.” It’s in the first paragraph of the article. Did you read it, or just jump to the comments section to start arguing?

      • maxj

        Rape a Child=DEATH. in a perfect world, of course.
        If you believe otherwise, may your child be raped.

  • spiker

    nice shot! I hope it entered through the rear of the head and exited between the eyes so that this animal didnt even have time to reflect on his short but dirty life.

  • cheap as crabs

    Thank godness at animal was shot, but sad is he got lucky then that poor girl who is probably dramatized for life.

    • Jamey JamJam

      Is she a Broadway play? Dramatized?

  • Gia

    Leave my boyfriend alone

    • Alex


    • A Sister

      Hopefully, you were just making a very bad joke…But IF this is your choice in boyfriends, I pity you.

  • beatrice

    Sounds like Karma worked great in this instances. Hope he enjoys his time in hell.

  • Yo!

    Good Ridance! Well done SF PD. Keep up the good work.

  • Jo Woods

    Normally I dont side with the punk cops but this sounds like a pretty clean shoot to me. Wow.

  • 415FOoFoO

    I have no complaints that this guy was killed…..

  • Henry

    I love it when I read stories about criminals being killed by the police or by other criminals!!! It saves the community court, jail, and prison money.

    I can’t wait to read about the next Kenneth Harding to be killed. Less victimization and it saves us money.

    Where’s the white people at 16th St. & Mission St. protesting about this lawful killing? And, why didn’t the white people protest aylt 3rd St. & Oakdale St. at 1:00 am?

    • imnotrich

      Yeah but you watch – idiots will riot in support of this career criminal (just like Oscar Grant and Rodney King) and courts will find some way to punish the cops for doing their job and doing it well.

      If the local courts won’t do it, the feds will.

      Just ask the Rodney King cops. Isn’t that double jeopardy?

  • Chris

    Whatever the truth may be in regards to after-the-fact claims that Kenneth Harding was a murder suspect, it has no relevance to the on-the-spot decision by police to fire (multiple times) on a bus fare scofflaw. Murderers are entitled to a trial, not execution in the streets. This extreme excessive force completely undermines community relations with police, is racially divisive, and is all too reminiscent of the BART Cop shooting of the unarmed Oscar Grant (officer released after serving 1 year) and numerous other cases of seemingly unjustified deadly force.

    • Duh

      Chris, You have no clue. Please pick up a book and educate yourself.

      • Chris

        From The Huffington Post:
        A little before 5 p.m. on Saturday, two uniformed SFPD officers were checking for tickets on the T-Third line at a station near the intersection of Third Street and Oakdale Avenue, and stopped Harding for Muni fare evasion. Allegedly, when the officers attempted to detain Harding, he fled on foot and was shot multiple times by police.

        Forget about the other allegations against this young man, the police were unaware of them at the time. He was executed in the street FOR EVADING BUS FARE. He did not have a gun, was not threatening the officers in any way.

        Read past the headlines people, and do your own research. CBS 5 is attempting to cover up the facts of this brutal execution by SFPD.

    • FedUp

      Spend some time out in the real world around human garbage like this. THEN preach your bleeding heart, liberal nonsense.
      I say good riddance. If they need more targets, I can point them in the right direction.

      • FedUp

        Chris, I have no idea what the trendy political buzzword “Neo-con” actually refers to, nor do I care. The fact is that those of us who have to spend time in proximity to human refuse like this loser don’t have a lot of sympathy when they suddenly spring a fatal leak. The officers didn’t shoot him for dodging fares, they shot him for firing a weapon at them. And criminal idiocy, I think. You should leave the house in Dublin or wherever sometime. It might be an eye opener for you.

      • mike26


        People are so quick to jump to the conclusion that the cops were wrong before knowing all of the facts. First they called the cops liars since they didn’t have a gun. Well, now they found the gun and a video…and the argument is that he was just jumping fare. We’ll, obey the laws and you’re good. Don’t, and get what you deserve.

      • chris

        Well now it is being reported that the suspect was armed and was shooting at police. If this is true then I was misinformed. I was responding to earlier reports that just said that he was shot for running from police.

      • Chris

        So if I disagree with police executing a man for bus fare evasion, that makes me a bleeding heart liberal? Hahaha you must be a neo-con then. You probably think it’s ok for Obama to bomb Libya without congress’ aproval too, don’t ya?

      • Support Cops

        PSSSSSST!!! Hey Chris, The cops found the gun that some thug took from the crime scene.

    • Glad he's dead

      you are so ignorant.

    • Carlos

      Chris…great line: “And when he ran, they decided to give him a public execution”

      If you think shooting back when someone is shooting at you is a public execution, then there’s not much to discuss. I learned years ago you can’t reason with someone who doesn’t make any sense. Good luck with things.

      • chris

        I was responding to earlier reports that said nothing about the suspect firing at officers.

    • imnotrich

      Oscar Grant was another career criminal. Dangerous to society and beyond “rehabilitation.” Grant got into a fight on BART and later fought with police and got what he deserved. Justice was served and Grant will never, ever harm another human being. Jonas I cant spell his last name did us all a favor. Even though it was “accidental” the bottom line is Grant was violent and only Grant is to blame for what happened to Grant. One less piece of trash on our streets.

      • FedUp

        That BART cop was definitely not qualified to be a police officer, but you’re absolutely right. Grant could not have been shot by him if he wasn’t acting up in the first place. Another case of a person living on the wrong side of the law and misguided people throwing a fit when it backfires on them. His good home-boy caught a couple in Hayward the other day. On his way home from church or volunteer work I’m sure.

    • Chris

      I am in no way conding allegations of child rape or murder. The fact is that in America we have courtrooms with judges and juries to handle these matters. And the cops that shot him had no idea who he was or what his past was. They attempted to detain him for BUS FARE EVASION. And when he ran, they decided to give him a public execution.

      • A Sister

        1) SFPD tried to detain the perp for fare evasion
        2) Perp ran, and fired a GUN at cops (endangering everyone who was in the vicinity)
        3) FIRING a gun in a crowd is a felony
        4) Cops had a right to go after him
        5) Firing at cops gave cops the right to fire a) in self-defense and b) to stop a felony in progress
        6) Cops succeeded – LEGALLY
        7) Fact that the perp was a child rapist & suspect (‘person of interest’) in the cold-blooded MURDER of a pregnant young woman (also black, like the perp) was not known and would be irrelevant at the time at the time SFPD fired their shots which brought the perp down

        Bottom Line: Cops were RIGHT ON in this one, Chris. Please get your facts straight. You’re ‘defense’ of this perp is giving the rest of us liberals a bad name.

      • T

        Better than a lynching!!!

    • SurroundedByMorons

      CHRIS. This guy PULLED A GUN AND SHOT AT AN OFFICER!!! What do you expect them to do in a situation where they are being FIRED AT??? When you shoot a gun at someone who also has a gun, (cop or not, black or white) you are WILLINGLY ENTERING A GUNFIGHT. The winner of such a gunfight is generally the person with more training in using a firearm.
      This happened because of an uneducated idiot with a gun, not an idiot who ditched on a fare.

  • New SF Shooting Prompts Call For Investigation, Review Board « CBS San Francisco

    […] Meanwhile,  the man who was fatally shot by police on Saturday after allegedly opening fire on officers in the city’s Bayview District has been identified by the medical examiner’s office as Kenneth Harding, a 19-year-old convicted child rapist. […]

  • Lemonaid

    SWEET SWEET JUSTICE! He got what he deserved. May he rot in the devils house.

  • Marcus

    All the brothers and sisters will be out and about acting like fools over this wonderful act. Good Job SFPD! This thug got what was coming to him. I pray we see a day when all the africans start to raise their children to be decent human beings rather than support the thug life. All these”protestors” are supporting violance as far as I am concered. They do not deserve to be on TV or even written about. They are the cause of all the violance.

  • Nice shot

    Dont blame the cops because they were the better shot

  • JaneQPublic

    19 and he had committed how MANY serious crimes already? This punk had ZERO RESPECT for life or human decency. Clean shot put the animal down. Looks like the cops were right on in this instance. NO COMPLAINTS HERE.

    PS And what’s with the ‘bystander’ who picked up the gun and walked off? Sounds like obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence.

  • FedUp

    Great shot. Must’ve had the lead just right and swung through the trigger pull. Good job.

  • HowsThatAgain?

    Harding was a sociopathic predator even among his own community, and he deserved every ounce of lead that was delivered to his body. Another violent offender euthanized for the good of society….next!!

    • FedUp

      With the added benefit of not having to house and feed him for the next 20 years. Good job all around. Win-win I think.

  • Craig Knox

    No loss to society.

  • David Duke

    Kill these pukes every chance you get !

  • James

    I am outraged at the communities response to the shooting of an armed person who tried to kill the police officers. Stealing the gun the suspect used. The police can defend themselves against someone who is trying to kill them.

  • Native Daughter

    Read Native son.

  • William Patrick Mosely

    Please fellow Fogtowners, put the anger aside. this meatball didn’t a rat’s rump about what he should have done. he would been cited and let go. Then didn’t stop when ordered to do so, then fired a weapon after being ordered to stop. Don’t blame the police for doing what are paid for–to keep the peace. We owe the police our thanks for keeping the peace. Personally, a job well done. I salute SFPD.

  • Zack Debarco

    The CHRIS’S of this world are one of the reasons these vermin roam our streets.
    They make excuses for them and it isn’t until they themselves are vicitmized that they realize that evil exists and this guy was it!!! Yeah! Where is John Burris?!!!

    • Kim

      Chris actually backed off upon hearing reports that he was armed and shot at the police first, so we need to give him a break there. He did not have the entire story. Now he does.

      • MT

        Kim, that is the problem. People like Chris will comment without having all the facts at hand, at least what has been reported by the media.

  • This smella like a cover up

    They straight assassinated this guy twice once when they shot him in the back and again in this article…… WOW

    • FedUp

      He needed a good assassination. Well earned.

  • racerx

    “The shooting of Harding by police, the third police shooting in San Francisco since June, has caused an outcry among community members.” (particularly those who are hardened criminals and rapists.)

    • Kim

      I gotta give it to the “community members” in question though, they are nothing if not consistent. The cops are the bad guys no matter what, Even if the bad guy is coming at the officer with a knife, or shooting at them, they do not change their stance. Even if the cop in question had killed someone to save their personal behind, you can bet that they would find a way to spin it to have the officer be the bad guy.

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