Family Of Man Shot By Oakland Police Sues City

OAKLAND (CBS/AP) – The family of an unarmed barber who was shot to death by Oakland police is suing the City of Oakland.

The $10 million civil rights lawsuit by 37-year-old Derrick Jones’s family claims officers used excessive force when they opened fire on Jones on Nov. 8.  The suit was filed last Thursday in U.S. District Court in San Francisco.

The officers—Eriberto Perez-Angeles and Omar Daza-Quiroz— have said Jones reached for what they thought was a gun. It was later determined to be a small silver scale.

Oakland police referred comment to the city attorney’s office. A message left there Thursday morning was not immediately returned.

Alameda County prosecutors ruled earlier this year that the shooting was justified.

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  • Doo Dah

    His family loved him so much…..$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$…what a crock

  • mechanic

    I’d like to know who their attorney is(??) I smell a “Burris” stench around this one.

  • Larry

    $10 bucks? More like $0 buck!

  • Mark

    What is wrong with you people? Are you all assuming he’s guilty of something because he’s black? I thought we were beyond that sort of BS in this country.

  • Langlois

    Wow!…you all need to pray and ask God for forgiveness…..

  • Hello

    You people disgust me. You are ignorant and should quite possibly be denied the right to vote. NO ONE has the right to execute an unarmed person, let alone deny anyone medical attention. Those cops deserve to lose their jobs and rot in jail forever. The police are out of control, as is the security state in general. You people should try reading history and the news and stop watching reality television and celebrity bs. Fight for your fellow man, not a bunch of cops whose purpose is to protect and serve themselves, not you. WAKE. THE. F. UP.

  • Another Young Black Man Gunned Down by Police on the Streets of Oakland. | Occupy Portland News

    […] Derrick Jones. The family of an unarmed barber who was shot to death by Oakland police is suing the City of Oakland. […]

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