OAKLAND (KCBS) – The Oakland City Council has voted to double the number of licensed medical marijuana dispensaries, but plans to wait until at least fall to decide on allowing cultivation after a recent warning from the U.S. Department of Justice.

The city will now license eight dispensaries instead of four, with the number of pot grows in the city determined by documented prescriptions.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

A plan to let pot growers rent plots in four large warehouses was scrapped because of a warning in February from the US Attorney for Northern California that growers licensed under Oakland’s medical cannabis law would face civil and criminal charges.

“We’re thinking of something smaller than that, and something where every cultivation facility was tied to a specific group of patients and caregivers,” said Councilwoman Pat Kernighan.

Councilman Ignacio De La Fuente said the city was pursuing a relatively modest plan in order to demonstrate to the federal government that its medical marijuana industry would operate on a scale that could be controlled by local authorities.

He noted that neighboring San Francisco authorized 26 dispensaries. Oakland was the first city in the United States to license large scale medical marijuana growers.

“We’re going to make sure that we don’t jeopardize what we have,” De La Fuente said.

Oakland is now accepting applications for the four new licenses. The council plans to select the new dispensary operators this fall. The vote on cultivation however could be delayed until early 2012.

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Comments (4)
  1. Philip Porembski says:

    this might get it in their head straight if not i = angry and need to break it down further
    i’m not supposed to break the law because of the law because i’m not supposed to break the law

    i’m not supposed to break the law due to the law because i’m not supposed to break the law
    the above may let them know who they really are heh, there’s a power trip with that one for sure

  2. lildor says:

    Are you insane putting pot clubs in Oakland,the worse possible place,hopefully you dont die over weed good luck

  3. mechanic says:

    Dear Philip: Please remember to take your anti-psychotic meds tonight.(???)

    When will the money hungry Oakland politicos stop pushing this lame idea?? Get over it. Pot (like alcohol) is one of the worst things to happen to our society. Adle-brained potheads and alcoholics have been disappointing themselves and their loved ones for way too long, and need to face reality and/or get professional help ASAP.

  4. tj says:

    So many of you that comment really have no idea what youare talking about but you sure do think you know it all. SOME of you have the views of a total idiot. Some of the greatest minds throughout history have been “Pot heads” as you call them. Some of the greatest ideas of mankind have been discovered after smoking pot. LOOK IT UP MORONS! Until you have been there or actually KNOW what you are talking about, I suggest you refrain from commenting so as you don’t look stupid.If you eventually do become educated then your comments will be welcome.

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