SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A woman was critically injured early Sunday morning in a shooting in San Francisco’s Mission District, police said.

The woman was standing outside a house party near Folsom and 25th streets when she was shot in the back at 2:30 a.m., according to San Francisco police.

The victim was taken to San Francisco General Hospital by her friends, police said.

The woman’s injury was considered to be life threatening.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police department at (415) 575-4444.

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  1. asfd says:

    Well, this city is getting worse, the oakland thugs are moving in. This country is crazy people should have gun control and no more should be sold to anyone other than law enforcement.

    1. NRA Life Member says:

      Please stop drinking the kool-aid and examine the facts:

      Most estimates range between 39% and 50% of US households having at least one gun(thats about 43-55 million households). The estimates for the number of privately owned guns range from 190 million to 300 million. Removed those that skew the stats for thier own purposes the best estimates are about 45% or 52 million of american households owning 260 million guns).

      And 99.99999% of them shot no one today.

      1. Mom says:

        I grew up in Texas and learned to shoot a gun before driving. I am a female and own several guns. In Texas it is legal to have a gun sitting next to you in a car. I go practice at the range and can out shout some of the police that are there to PRACTICE!!!! I’m shooting 44 special , 45, and 9mm. I am nearly 65 tears old, 100 pounds.
        Guns should be legal for everyone if they take a required course on safety and have no criminal background or DUI’s drug use etc.

      2. Joe says:

        The reason humanity requires weapons is because a significant portion of humanity is too ignorant to walk in peace and the rest of us pay with a weaponized society. Your statistics are correct however there are no laws that protect victims since criminals do not abide by laws. I have even considered packing a weapon because there are some truly crazy sods out there looking for someone to take advantage of. 260 million guns means one thing: pure profit for the weapons industry and they love it and have their own glee club called the NRA.

    2. gdadl says:

      We have gun control … but only on law abiding citizens. The Government wants more people getting shot … so they can have more gun control (on law abiding citizens again, again and again (BUT YET THEY WON’T ENFORCE LAWS AGAINST CRIMINALS).

    3. Sabby says:

      Gun control wouldn’t have helped this situation, because guess what, the suspect is a CRIMINAL and probably obtained the gun ILLEGALLY. These criminals know that the police and courts barely enforce our laws anyways. The more law-abiding citizens that own guns, the less likely the criminals are to use theirs.

      1. HAHA says:

        No worries SF will protect the criminal with laws so the victim is getting what she deserved..SF liberalism at it’s best!

  2. Tricia SisterbigBones Smith-Lewis says:

    Let me guess she shot herself…..and the gun is still missing….

    1. Teri says:

      Boom! Also, ehhhgh, it’s sad that I know where that’s from. No, it’s sad that where it’s from is completely stupid. Oh, yeah, the gun just magically disappeared. Maybe the gun killed itself after it’s owner shot himself. Ten times. Logic, it’s not for anyone anymore!

  3. Dan says:

    Looks like Tricia failed to see the gun in the youtube video. Sad.

    1. Mad Mike says:

      Tricia probably thinks they railroaded that guy when he was in Seattle on the child rape charges too…

  4. Sooooo Tired says:

    Hey folks, people like Tricia “do not want to be confused with the facts”. I mean just because the creep in question was only 19 and already had poly-convictions for sexually abusing minor females does not mean he wasn’t an upstanding chap. Not to mention the fact that even though the police use 40 caliber ammunition and the fatal slug wasn’t a 40 caliber that the police have to be guilty. Makes sense to me. It’s a given that when a thug of color gets his, that they become an automatic candidate for canonization. After all the thug-wanna-be that the BART cop mistakenly shot was suddenly worth 3 million when he had never held a real job, fathered welfare kids and “..was gonna be a barber”(No offense to barbers) showed he was a changed man. Save your energy. To argue with an idiot brings you to their level..

  5. Zack Debarco says:

    Oscar Grant was going to be a barber because in prison its a good job!!
    It is so prized because one be a conduit between people who otherwise can’t meet.

    1. Collette says:

      What’s wrong with barbers?

  6. Mother, SF Resident, NRA Member says:

    To all those who want more gun control, we HAVE gun control laws, lots of them. The criminals don’t follow the laws because, well, they’re criminals!

    Look, I get it. Violet crimes are on the rise, but making MORE laws isn’t going to change that. ENFORCEMENT of current laws and repeal of the bad laws, will.

    Firearms are tools, like hammers and chainsaws. All can kill, what makes the difference is the intent of the person who wields that tool, for good or bad.

    With 80% of Californians unprepared for any sort of major disaster, when one does happen, there will be chaos. Anyone remember Katrina? The looting, muggings, assaults, burglaries… etc, etc, etc. Now, add that to all the cutbacks going on in local governments, including police, fire and first responders, the government CAN NOT protect you. By ability or will, government simply CAN NOT do it.

    Why on EARTH would anyone want to give up the right to protect themselves? Why would anyone put safety and security of themselves and their families 100% in the hands of someone else? That is YOUR responsibility.

    Join the NRA.
    Buy a firearm, legally.
    Get training.
    Practice often.

    A well educated, well trained firearm owner is the safest kind.

  7. NotanNRAmember says:

    considering that a majority of gun related deaths occur in the United States and that something like Columbine is a constant reality in this nation as well as something which the whole world shakes it’s head at, as well as the lack of chaos in a nation like Japan after something as completely disastrous as the earthquake, and still no chaos, Japan has strict gun laws for the average citizen, by the way. All this makes me wonder if you really; have your facts straight

  8. Matthew says:

    Maybe I should wear a bullet-proof vest when I walk down Mission Street from now on… ???

  9. Survival says:

    Japan, well, yes, they do have strict gun laws but still, in Japan the only people shooting other people with guns are the crooks. Their crime stats are climbing too as their gang issues are getting worse by the year… I am a 32 year police vet and I believe that those who are able (by law and ability) should carry a firearm. The only armed people I have arrested were those that were about to or did commit crimes upon others. Gun control laws have never prevented nor deterred crooks from arming themselves.

  10. rin says:

    Another shooting. What a surprise.

  11. armando esquerra says:

    This is my version of GUN CONTROL.

    Destroy all Handguns. Period, Not COPS, NOT THUGS.

    All new gunz should be big enought to be visible, so everyone on the streets can see who carries one. If we got rid of conceled weapons. The shooters would think twice about getting caught. NRA members keep the rifle. Handguns are useless anyway if you are a real shooter. But I am sure the NRA people will complain just like everyone else does when change is proposed.

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