Families Of Yosemite Falls Victims Continue Vigil At Park

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK (CBS/AP) – Every day, relatives of the three young people swept over a Yosemite National Park waterfall travel to the park hoping to hear news about the whereabouts of the bodies.

Ramina Badal, Hormiz David and Ninos Yacoub crossed the safety barricade at the top of Vernal Fall to pose for photos and slipped in on July 20. Other hikers saw the swift water pulled them over the 317-foot cliff.

The National Park Service scaled back its search for the bodies Tuesday.

Park officials have said the bodies are likely trapped under rocks and obscured as snowmelt churns the Merced River. Rangers still hike the trail, scanning the river below for the bodies.

But Ramina Badal’s father, Tony, told the Modesto Bee that family members can’t sleep at night because their “loved ones are not home.”

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  • rick

    no ones fault but the people that died…signs are there to warn you of things like this happening…these idiots decided to not obey the signs and do what they wanted…….what happens…ity cost them thier lives for not obeying warning signs.

  • Dan Wisholek

    I’m reminded of the saying “It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.” RIP young folks, I hope they recover your bodies.

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