(KCBS) – KCBS Entertainment Editor Jan Wahl reviews the sci-fi western, Cowboys & Aliens, starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. Plus, the romantic comedy Crazy Stupid Love with Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Steve Carrell, and Ryan Gosling.


Saddle up for one of most bizarre, campy and ultimately stupid sci fi/westerns ever. Shane meets Plan Nine from Outer Space meets Blazing Saddles. OK, not as good as Shane or Blazing Saddles..but so bad..it’s funny. Our hero Daniel Craig wakes up bloody broken but with a great haircut and some nice new Alien jewelry. He’s forced to join forces with grouchy ol’ cattle baron Harrison Ford, and a fabulous supermodel who’s just hangin’ around the saloon. Not soon enough, some aliens are dropping by to say howdy, only they are leftovers from Alien. No new computer effects available? Just go to have silly, popcorn fun.
janwahlhats 03 Jan Wahl Movie Review: Cowboys & Aliens And Crazy Stupid Love


Here’s a decent date movie that was smart enough to cast two terrific actresses, Julianne Moore and Emma Stone, in it to keep it from being a total guy-gets-hot-chicks fantasy. As it is, this is guaranteed guy fantasy which will make it easy to get guys to it, and that’s all Hollywood cares about anyway, the girls will follow them. Steve Carrell is getting a divorce from Julianne Moore and is one sad sack, until meeting up with hot chick magnet Ryan Gosling who always closes the deal with hot sex with hot chicks. There’s some weird subplots here with a 13-year-old boy and cliched contrivances trying to meld drama and comedy. The best scene belongs to Emma Stone as she calls Gosling on his smooth dude persona. DVD will do just fine, though laughter-hungry summer audiences will be OK seeking this one out on the big screen, just keep expectations low.
janwahlhats 02 5 Jan Wahl Movie Review: Cowboys & Aliens And Crazy Stupid Love


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