OAKLAND (KCBS) – Severe budget cuts have led the Oakland Police Department to solicit outside donations to pay for new touch screen computers that have been replacing older laptops in its patrol vehicles.

Clorox was the latest to step up with a $50,000 check presented on Thursday.

Police Chief Anthony Batts said he is looking for other corporations, foundations and philanthropies to help finance the new computers built specifically for police work.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

“If we have anybody who wants to step up and outdo Clorox, we’re very open for them to come out to participate,” he said.

The Police Department has already purchased 20 Panasonic Toughbooks, a model specifically designed for police work. Chief Batts said the Clorox donation covers the cost of 11 more.

“We have another 120 after that that we need to get outfitted,” he said.

The new patrol computers are part of a series of equipment upgrades after faulty police radios caused problems during a pursuit last year.

Batts said the radio system upgrade was now in its final phase.

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  1. Rip Off says:

    $50,000.00 for eleven new touch screens, that would be $4,545.45 each. Could this be one of the reasons police departments are going broke? I think somebody needs to do some shopping around.

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