ALBANY (CBS SF) – Three people have been arrested, including a mother and daughter, in connection with the theft of more than 20 shotguns and rifles from a home in Albany, police said.

Albany police received a report of a home burglary in the 800 block of Hillside Avenue in Albany on July 26. The reporting party said the burglary had occurred sometime within the previous several days.

Investigators learned that a number of items had been stolen, including precious heirlooms and a collection of rifles and shotguns.

A neighbor told police a suspicious vehicle had been seen in the driveway of the home, and with that information, investigators identified 64-year-old Deanna Wilkinson, of Richmond, as a suspect.

Detectives tracked Wilkinson to a Richmond motel, where they found her on Wednesday in a car with her daughter, 35-year-old Denise Wilkinson of El-Cerrito, and 38-year-old Gustavo Ramos of Vallejo.

Police found the three to be in possession of some of the stolen items, but not the weapons.

The investigation led police to serve search warrants at homes in the 1100 block of in Monterey Street in Vallejo and the 2800 block of Loma Vista in Concord early Thursday morning.

No weapons were found in Vallejo, but 22 firearms were recovered at the Concord home with the help of Concord police.

Police believe the weapons were awaiting sale to local gang members.

Concord police also arrested two other people at the Concord home on unrelated charges.

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Comments (5)
  1. NRA Life Member says:

    See folks, this is why your so called “gun control” measures will never work. This is how criminals obtain guns – by stealing them from law abiding citizens. Criminals do not go down to the local gun store (if you can find one) and fill out paperwork, get background checks and endure the required waiting period. They are criminals who do not obey laws and they know that there is no legal way for them to get or possess a gun. You can make all the gun laws you want but you’re not going to have any impact on criminals. Only law abiding citizens obey the laws. They are the only ones being impacted by these misguided laws. These laws remove the ability for them to defend themselves and their families.

    1. Miss Dee says:

      Agreed! What criminal would associate their identity with the gun they’re going to go kill someone with??? Of course they’re buying them illegally! Those who think otherwise are idiots!

  2. Roger says:

    And the guns they buy illegally come from WHERE?

    And what would be the problem with knowing, when a gun is recovered from a criminal, where it was stolen from and who the registered owner was?

    And who exactly needs 20+ shotguns and rifles to protect themselves from intruders? Do they really have 20+ trigger fingers to be shooting the crooks with?

    And what would you tell the child of someone shot with one of the stolen guns? “Sorry, it was one of twenty the owner was going to defend his home with, and your mom was just collateral damage”?

    1. Reality Check says:

      Why do people need more than one television? Why do people own computers when they can go use one at the library? Why do families own more than one car? Why do people collect stamps, rocks or anything else. Because they can you moron. Same thing goes with guns. Your comment about shooting the crooks is also very telling with regard to your level of stupidity. Whoever had this collection should have had them properly secured in a safe and not laying around the house. Anyone who uses a display cabinet for firearms is a fool as well. And being an NRA Endowment member, I really do ask the person using NRA Life Member to stop commenting. Your comments and arguments are so poorly formed that you just do more damage than good.

  3. Suzi says:

    This is old news, it happened last week.

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