Thin Line Drawn Divides Golden Gate Bridge Pedestrians, Cyclists

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – To ease congestion, and confusion, on the east sidewalk, the Golden Gate Bridge District has drawn a line, quite literally, meant to separate the pedestrians from the cyclists.

Ever since the west sidewalk closed at the end of May, it’s been a tight squeeze for the estimated 6,000 cyclists and 10,000 pedestrians that use the bridge everyday to coexist on one narrow walkway.

It will be another two months before construction work on the west sidewalk ends and that walkway reopens to afternoon bicycle traffic.

In the meantime, the striping work done overnight Monday at eight points along the span should make it clear that pedestrians belong next to the railing and cyclists should use the side closest to traffic, said Mary Currie, spokeswoman for the Bridge District.

“We’re already seeing that separation occurring,” she said.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

Behavior on the first day suggested the main challenge to be encouraging tourists who have rented bicycles to move off the bike side and onto the pedestrian side of the walkway when they stop to take pictures, Currie said.

The west sidewalk is expected to reopen by the end of September.

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  • equal wheels

    Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

  • Rob Chapman

    One thing that still makes no sense. Not including the current construction issues,
    Why is the west sidewalk only open during the afternoon? And only open to cyclists, while pedestrians are only allowed on the east sidewalk & must share it with bicycles in the mornings. Why not just have both sidewalks open all day?

    • Eric Domejean

      because we don’t want the baby cyclist to be upset

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