ANTIOCH (CBS SF) — Antioch police reported a 16-year-old boy, originally the subject of a statewide Amber Alert, was arrested Tuesday afternoon in connection with a Monday barber shop robbery.

Police said the boy, Hasaan Ameer Ford, has admitted his involvement in the robbery, as well as the feigning of his kidnapping.

The robbery occurred at Al’s Barber Shop, 11 W. 18th St., around 3:40 p.m. Monday, police said.

Eric Walker, Antioch robbery, fake kidnapping, Amber Alert

Eric Walker (Antioch PD)

On Tuesday evening, police served a search warrant at an apartment in the 3100 block of Lone Tree Way in Antioch and arrested Eric Lerone Walker, 23, as the suspected gunman in the robbery.

According to police, the sawed-off shotgun believed to have been used in the robbery was located in a van during a search of the premises, along with items stolen during the robbery.

Al Holmes, who works at the barbershop, said Tuesday that he was in the shop alone when the gunman came in.

He said the man pointed the gun at his head and threatened to shoot him if he didn’t do what he was told.

While this was happening, Ford – who did odd jobs around the business – came back from running an errand, Holmes said.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

The gunman stole Holmes’ keys and wallet and appeared to force the teenager at gunpoint into Holmes’ SUV, Holmes said.

Holmes reported the incident and police issued a statewide Amber Alert for Ford.

Investigators later heard from the boy’s family that his captor had released him.

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Comments (28)
  1. f says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close their bad cases.
    Several DEA in the San Francisco Bay Area where supplying drugs that had been stolen from evidence vaults to gangs for resale. To increase profit, evidence was mostly stolen from cases involving suspects that had payed bribes.

    1. PNJ says:

      please shut your yapper

    2. F What says:

      What does that delusional paranoia dribble have to do with anything?

  2. RB says:

    To “f”….You are a paraniod idiot and probably a bleed on society as well. You should be locked up with all the other low lifes that have ruined Antioch.

  3. tn says:

    @ “f”… Only 2 possibilities about you: either you work for the FBI and/or DEA ,or else you have a history of multiple illegal or criminal activity.

    1. BOB says:

      tn and RB, this fool is jimmy. He changed his name because he’s a damm IDIOT. He needs help bad.

    2. h says:

      a) …Or I used to write software for the NSA and DIA and I am tired of the stealing from me.
      b) …Or could be that the NSA is eves dropping on the D.O.J…

      c)…Or “tn” you are a corrupt-piece-of-$h1t who was profiting from stealing…

      answer: all of the above

    3. F What says:

      I still don’t get it. Did you get a bad haircut there or something?

  4. Zack Debarco says:

    Wonderful!!! An inside job. He is starting young and liberals are always crying about the huge number of black males in the prison system. This is how some of it starts. Sad Sad!

  5. AJ says:

    Funny, when I first read that he was found safe home, that his captor just set him free… I thought this must have been a set-up for the shop owner. Way too coincidental!

  6. Robert King says:

    Funny stuff. An amber alert for a black teen male turns in to crime and arrest.

  7. Pat Buchannan says:

    “no one steals black kids”

    I guess the ones who built America under slavery came willingly?

    1. Seriously, Pat? says:

      You’re seriously NOT bringing up slavery are you? That was effing forever ago. A huge part of our history as a country, but he/she was talking about nowadays. And I would hardly say the slaves built America…

      1. Greg says:

        The blacks weren’t the only slaves bought and sent to America. EVERYONE tends to forget that the black slaves from Africa, were sold to slavers by…..wait for it…..wait….wait…BLACK TRIBES who kept the losers of their wars as SLAVES. That horse died years ago, time to stop beating it.

    2. Robert Vergas says:

      This is the first time I have heard that slaves built America. The many valuable contributions that African Americans have made to our society were made by those who were well educated, may have been descendants of slaves, but certainly were not slaves themselves. As far as the question concerning who actually “built America” we need to put the spotlight on the hard-working, creative, dedicated European immigrants who designed our cities and built them brick by brick. There were no slaves among these laborers.

    3. nick says:

      What Exactly did they “Build”?

      1. Sam Mallory says:

        a bad ass gumbo and they build a solid foundation in music.

      2. apple says:

        I had one but he ran away!

  8. chuco says:

    this ford guy is an ungrateful piece of @#!#@, and here we go blacks crying over their skin color and they are just RACIST as anglos. as for the little blach darling Hassan Ford, he is a typical black kid, who will turn on you and blame it on his skin color.

  9. Furious Styles says:

    Keep yo babies out the streets!

    1. Leroy says:

      Wet their lips and STICK to a window to!

  10. Buttle Butkus says:

    Hmm, these commenters are maybe a little too racist? Not representative of the general population? I hope.

  11. cj says:

    wow…so many people praying for the safety of this child and he turns out to be an accomplice! you put your employer in jeopardy, just for a few trinkets??? how ungrateful…good luck trying to get a job after you finish your time in jail kid…..

  12. PNJ says:


  13. KP says:

    Some of your posts are quite disturbing. This is not a black thing. This kind of act can be done by a teenager of any race. The unfortunate part of this entire situation is having to explore why he felt the need to do that. Especially to someone who took him under their wing. Instead of looking at skin color and going on and on about slavery.. spend some time trying to come up with ways to save the youth. After all, they’re going to be taking care of us one day, and if we continue with this “lock em up” attitude instead of counseling the deep seeded issues, the world will continue to head towards turmoil.

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