Woman Carjacked By Man She Met At SF Sex Club

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A woman had her car stolen at gunpoint in San Francisco early Friday morning by a man she met at a sex club in the city’s Tenderloin neighborhood, police said.

The carjacking was reported about 4 a.m. near the intersection of Seventh and Howard streets.

The 38-year-old victim met the suspect, a man in his 20s, at the Power Exchange, a sex club located at 220 Jones St.

After the pair left in the woman’s car, a 2006 green BMW 325i, the suspect pulled out a handgun and told the woman to get out of the car, police said.

The woman complied, and the man fled with the car. The woman was not injured during the carjacking, according to police.

The suspect and car have not yet been found. Anyone with information about the case is encouraged to call the Police Department’s anonymous tip line at (415) 575-4444 or send a tip by text message to TIP411.

(Copyright 2011 by CBS San Francisco. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)

  • joe


    • Pinky

      What is charming is that the SF wants to protect that criminal with laws and rights so good luck to Pelosi getting her car back and clearing up the open sex club blister on her lip

  • Tom Dee

    Well I am sure they have DNA in her throat or private parts. She has to find a better class of guys to pick up. Try a normal bar.

    • Frank

      Tom Dee…Tacky

      • After_Sundown

        It sounds like Tommy is unaware that millions of single people are getting together and having sex every night.

      • trevor1331

        And it sounds like you’re such a humorless literalist you probably have to have even Knock, Knock jokes explained to you.

      • SKoch

        Frank, get over it. Life in S.F. is Tacky. Their choice, their truth, their consequences!

      • Will

        Tru dat Tom! SF is a complete joke save for the ocean view. I think it was Pelosi in the BMW.

      • Mitch

        Frank- You’re an idiot.

      • pelosiitis

        NO way in hell Pelosi can pass as a 38 year old. Or a woman for that matter

      • Booger McCoy

        Only if you don’t clean it off right away.

    • eazylogin

      Perfect comment: concise, funny, and to the point. Excellent

    • HP

      hahahaha..that was a hilarious comment. Loved it.

    • 1776

      LOL! Funny yet true. One can’t go about in heathenistic places & not expect to run across (such) verminous elements.

      • Chuck

        Why is it that you assume that the Power Exchange is, as you put, “Heathenistic’? (I don’t believe that is a word, but I know what you meant). The Power Exchange is a place that couples or individuals can practice consensual, SAFE sex or BDSM play, if so desired. What does the acknowledgement of God have to do with safe-sex? If individuals are going to be promiscuous, I think God would appreciate the fact that the individuals are protecting themselves…. Do you have an anonymous tip somewhere? Did the owner tell you that he did not believe in God or something? Because I happen to know that the General Manager of the company is an Ordained Minister. Pretty hilarious, but very far fetched from this slander that you are spreading.

        I LOVE The Power Exchange, but i love FACTUAL information even more.

      • Rod Anders

        God DOESN’T give a damn … one way or the other !!!!!

      • Rod Anders

        Heathenistic IS a word. But you’re probably using some kind of internet dictionary.

      • dude

        Heahtenistic is not a word, I think you meant hedonistic. I hope this helps. Heathens and hedonistic people have nothing to do with each other, they are plenty hedonistic Christians.

      • no

        Right, because people who don’t enjoy casual sex don’t steal carls. You F-ing moron.

      • Motor Runner

        Heathenistic is a word, http://www.thefreedictionary.com/heathenism is the source I am using, check section for of “Heathenism”

        And, yes, if you go to a sex club, your probably going to run into some shady (ALSO A WORD) people. However, this is san fran, so your probably going to run into shady people when you shop for groceries.

        Now if you will excuse me, I am going on CL (ironically safer then a sex club) to give a random guy a blow job.

    • Deb

      Now that’s funny!

      I would have to say both are creeps!

    • Mike Jones

      Good luck with that, I’m sure his DNA is there and the DNA from 30 or more guys, Good luck soritng the DNA angle out.

    • Wilbur Post

      Is there a normal bar in San Francisco?

  • Miles Monroe

    Now that’s what I call a power exchange. Ha ha ha….

    • Skip Sanders

      She must have been a real troll. I would think most thugs would have boned her then stolen the car.

    • pete

      Serves the Liberal Bimbo Right!

      • Japes Macfarland

        Nope, sorry Morgan. You leftists prioritise egalitarianism or issues of equality *before* liberty, in every area of life except for areas relating to sex and drugs. For example: the idea they have now in Germany, where the State says that the shops have to close at 5pm because it is unfair if one stays open to 7pm. It is “unfair” to the ones that want to close at 5pm. (never-mind the ones that have gone out of business and are ruined now because of the State’s bullying in this way.)

        You see, even in relatively small issues like this, the American value system of prioritising liberty over our instinct for egalitarianism would demand that the people would never allow the State to demand this; yet the left in America loves stuff like this.

        Also, you had no right to call that person a pig, it was unjust, and you revealed yourself a bit when you chose to do so.

      • morgan

        @ Ryan
        Pobrecito – “got owned” “got jacked” – I’ll bet you haven’t met a cliche you haven’t loved and used. Especially ones from the 90’s like some jumped up middle school wigger; and “pathetic” really? Come on, not commiserable, not piteous, not even wretched – just pathetic? When you’re done carrying Japes water, try reading my initial reply carefully and see if you do not get the point then . . .

      • Ryan

        @ morgan….you just got owned by Japes and quite honestly your reply makes you look even more pathetic. But on a serious note sorry your Bmw got jacked.

      • morgan

        “ONLY two areas, and for decades now (in the schools, k-and up most papers, most tv and movies, most music, etc.) and that is sex and drugs . . .” seems more like five areas but no matter, and you missed the point entirely in your verve to castigate and malign and I’ll leave it to you to figure out how. No doubt, you being so erudite and urbane, it should only take you two or three more readings, providing you take your time. As for my mirror, it is clear and fine as is my conscience . . .

      • Japes Macfarland

        Hey Morgan, you leftists have been gung-ho about individual freedom in ONLY two areas, and for decades now (in the schools, k-and up, most papers, most tv and movies, most music, etc.) and that is sex and drugs. You have worked with everything you’ve got to take the sacredness out of sex and make it primarily about recreation. The fact that she met him at a sex club in San Francisco means that I would bet my house she is a leftist. She was the one acting like an animal, and you can call names all you want but you can’t take away that fact. For her to be called out for it works against your agenda to make the perception of sex in the public ether as primarily a recreational activity. Admit it, that’s what really upset you, isn’t it? So in light of this, you calling this other fellow a pig for calling it like it is, is pretty pathetic, and I think you should look in the mirror.

      • Collette

        Pete, we can’t all be boring badly laid conservatives.

      • morgan

        Why do you have to politicize it and slander her? It would be fair that if you had your car stolen at gun point, to label you a sexist,racist conservative pig. Which, by your comment , I assume you to be . . .

  • earl the pearl

    or the Pound……

  • JoeQ

    What a world we live in, when you can’t even trust the strange man you just met in a sex club. Gosh.

    • Warmblood

      That’s funny!

    • Rob B

      Genuinely LOL

    • TooEasy

      A whole new maening to phrase: WHAM! BAM! THANK YOU MA’AM!

      • Nicko

        Wham, Bam, I’ll take your car Ma’am!

      • BobB

        Actually, “Wham, BMW, thank you ma’am!”

  • Jerky Miester

    Here’s an old clique ….. she was asking for it! This is the new way of getting F***ed! ;-)

    • dude

      It’s not clique, it’s “cliche”

      • Pepe LePew

        Au contraire, homme d’plume, le Power Exchange c’est tres chic por un clique, touche

    • Language Nazi

      I think you mean “cliché”, not “clique”

  • Pete

    One of the dangers of being a cougar.

  • Trudy Sanders

    I always take a cab home from sex clubs at 4 a.m. Safety first.

    • Warmblood

      Me too! You never know what kinds of freaks are out at that hour.

      • l

        Freaks?? And you are fuc… these freaks 5 min. after you meet them!

    • Deb

      I would have to say you are a ‘Safety Girl!’

    • lulu


    • jd

      Niiiice! lmao!

  • candidviews

    How about a description of the suspect and the license nubmer of the car, any identifying stickers on the car, tattoos on the guy etc. We need more than a “man in his 20’s”. Was he white, black hispanic, short fat tall? This kind of writing is really stupid. What are we supposed to do- call th police and say I saw a green BMW??

    • did you see that?

      She just described as a liberal

      • pete

        Of Course she was a Liberal in SanFrancisco?
        She just left Ellen Degenerate’s house and was lookin for
        a good time!

    • Akela

      He was black, which is why he wasn’t described. The odds of her being a liberal bimbo are quite overwhelming,and the proper term is libel for the benefit of liberal, bleeding heart apologist, Morgan.

    • PatinNJ

      or a police sketch, ala Porky’s

    • B. Eotch

      Exactly. But you should know by now. Because they did not mention race you must assume it is non-white.

      Good luck finding the African-Hispano-Eskimo-Asian, though.

      • John Harper

        Exactly. It’s obvious why they don’t mention race.

      • ablecynic


      • trj

        One article says victim was a man one says it was a woman. Could it have been a half and half? After all this IS San Francisco! How is the sanctuary city thing working out for you SF? If you think it is bad now just wait until all these monkeys get amnesty then you will really be good to go.

    • JM in San Diego CA

      Good writing for TV news is not important. String a few words together, post them on the teleprompter and go home. Two people, usually a man with big hair and a girl with nice looks, will read what you wrote.

      Come back tomorrow and repeat.

      Win Emmy.

    • Paula

      To give a description would be politically incorrect.

    • Rod Anders

      If he was white, it probably would have been in the article. Most of these MSM are anti-white racists.

      • Spanky

        It’s amazing the mentioned gender, because that’s sexist!

  • JustAGuy

    (shakes head) ….only in San Francisco.

  • PatinNJ

    How’s she going to explain this one to her husband?

    • SFSucks

      Or her Girlfriend??

      • JOe Dutra

        Probably one and the same.

  • AJ

    Why is she complaining? She wanted to get f***ed and she literally did!! Its a win win for all.

  • ed357

    She must have misunderstood him when he asked……….

    her if she had a nice ride and could he have it.

  • k

    Good, the tramp deserved it, as long as she didn’t get hurt. You don’t go off with strangers like that

    • 1776

      Exactly! Don’t go wh0r1ng about & not expect troubles like that.

    • Maddd_doggg

      Exactly… what happens in the sex club should stay in the sex club!!!

  • Curmudgeon10

    Two happy endings?

  • Rick

    She was looking for love in all the wrong places.

    • Marot

      the defendant looked at her- then the car- decided and made the correct choice…

  • HooDatIS?
  • Charybdis

    Headline 1: “Family Adopts Pet Grizzly Bear” Headline 2 (one week later): “Family Eaten By Grizzly Bear”

    And this story is a surprise to people, why?

  • Charles Flanagan

    Really! A sex club in the “Tenderloin” neighborhood! How quaint.

  • ablecynic

    This should be on HuffPo where all the liberal sympathy slobberers could get mad at those of us who think this is pretty much part of the game if you are as stupid as this woman. I would love to see pictures of both of them. You don’t see a lot of star-crossed lovers outside of Hollywood.

    • Sean Patriot

      It is on the Huffpo, but strangely thre is no woman in the story, only 2 gay dudes.

    • James

      Ironically, I found this story on Drudge.

  • tremayfreon caudwell

    not to mention, she probably paid him up front.

  • Fred

    If she was on her menstrual cycle she could take that home.

    • Charles

      Fred, that is the funniest comment EVER!!!! LMAO!!!!

  • chuck

    I prefer rump section

  • San Diego Jack

    Looks like it was the Cougar that got bit!

  • Adolf Oliver Nipple

    I hope the guy had enough courtesy to have sex with her before he ran off. After all, that’s what she was looking for. Sidenote: When they don’t mention the race of the perpetrator in a story, 9 times out of 10 they are black or Hispanic.

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