FAIRFIELD (KCBS)— The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has concluded residents were relatively safe from harm and that very little ground pollution resulted from the July 26th fire at Macro Plastics in Fairfield.

Air samples were taken from the six-alarm fire that sent towering plumes of dark-black, swirling smoke from the plastics plant that was visible for miles. Bins of plastic burned uncontrollably, creating gigantic balls of flame whose intense heat kept firefighters away.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

Kristine Roselius of Bay Area Air Quality Management District said the air quality samples revealed normal background levels of air pollutants and that weather conditions were key in minimizing the potential health hazards to residents.

“We had weather conditions that pushed the smoke plume high up into the air and away from the ground level reducing the potential health impact, so we got very lucky,” said Roselius, adding that the smoke settled over the Sacramento Valley.

Air district officials are currently assessing whether to impose a fine on the plastics company. She said if the air district finds any violations, it’ll work with the company to see that this type of accident doesn’t happen again.

It’s believed the fire was started by workers doing maintenance in the yard where the bins were kept.

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