SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A woman was beaten and stabbed repeatedly at a party in San Francisco’s Dolores Park on Saturday night, police said.

The stabbing was reported about 10:30 p.m. Saturday at the park.

The 20-year-old victim was approached by four teenage girls who beat and stabbed her until she blacked out, according to police.

Officers responded and found the victim lying on the ground semi-conscious. She was taken to San Francisco General Hospital to be treated for her injuries, which included stab wounds, a bloody nose and bruising to the face. The injuries are not considered life-threatening, police said.

The suspects fled and had not been found as of Monday morning. Anyone with information about the attack is encouraged to call the Police Department’s anonymous tip line at (415) 575-4444 or send a tip by text message to TIP411.

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Comments (16)
  1. j says:

    You girls need to learn to get along, stop competing for boys, we are not worth it. your jealous and competing rage is getting out of control. If someone is prettier than you, just deal with it, and stay away from their husband

    1. athenia says:

      The only accurate thing you said was “we are not worth it” your comment is insensitive, delusional, and deluded! the park is in the gay area, and I am sure it had nothing to do with a male, your ego and stupidity indicate someone who is really mentally unstable, and has repressed hostility!

      1. Big D says:

        Take a chill pill athenia, don’t get your panties all in a bunch. j has every right to state his opinion.

    2. Christiane Dolezal says:

      wit ideas like this you might end up being a victim as well, once agian this was a rnadom act of violence and i didnt know these people. you dont know this city at all dude…..

  2. athenia says:

    I hope the four teenage monsters get arrested! It sounds like a hate crime! where are the police?

  3. j says:

    Why don’t you relax, obviously I hit a nerve cause you know I’m right. I bet you anything they were fighting over a guy.

  4. Kristers says:

    Stabbing someone is a very personal, angry act. She probably knew her assailents. I also wonder if it was gang-related.

  5. Matthew says:

    Naturally, the COWARDS take off after causing the act….

  6. Christiane Dolezal says:

    HI my name is christiane dolezal, i am the victim of this crime i am currently writing this from my room where i will ne bedridden to for probably a month. this happened to me without warning and i did not know these people at all. if anybody can help please… i would like to publizice a pcture of one girl who has already been caught. thank you for reading. be safe..

    1. Big D says:

      I hope you get well soon Christine.

  7. Christiane Dolezal says:

    all of your ideas are unfortunatly wrong, this was a random act of violence which is getting alot more common. please never underestimate people around you, these girls were only 17 maybe 18 years old.

  8. Justice says:

    Christiane Dolezal actually started the fight with these girls. She was drunk, and while she is indeed injured, I do believe that to be a victim, one must be innocent, and certainly one must not have started the actual assault. Chrstiane Dolezal approached the group, and in her drunk state, started and wouldn’t back down from the fight. When the knife was drawn by the girl she was beating on, she didn’t even notice she’d been cut, and still refused to stop her assault. No one is free of blame in this, and it’s a pity that Christiane Dolezal, and her male friend that participated in this ‘random act’ cannot find it within themselves to speak the truth.

    1. Christiane Dolezal says:

      justify whatever u want u stupid, i will find out who u are too

      1. Kris says:

        When you call someone stupid, and make an open ended threat, it does nothing to help your case. If I were you, I would take this chance to tell your side of the story. What happened? Did you really start the fight? Were you really drunk?

      2. Jadǝ Purǝlica says:

        While I feel that violence against anyone for any reason disgusts me, it is hard to believe that this very case was “random”. Unless the attackers are bullies, still, they must’ve seen the “victim” somewhere before. I also agree with Kris, by calling someone “stupid” or any other names, you automatically lose credit and if any sympathy you’ve gotten before is now annulled!

  9. Kim Bailey says:

    “Blacks are NOT human but an African Predator Specie”
    This explains Black violence all over the World.

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