OAKLAND (CBS 5) — Police reportedly arrested two men late Tuesday afternoon in connection with a drive-by shooting that killed a 3-year-old boy in East Oakland.

The Associated Press reported that the suspects were apprehended at a home in Pittsburg, but CBS 5 could not immediately confirm details of the arrests.

Just a couple hours before word of the arrests came, Oakland Deputy Police Chief Eric Breshears had told reporters: “We have investigative leads and expect that we will have closure to this.”

His comments came at a media briefing held outside the Little Caesar’s pizza restaurant at 6447 International Blvd near where the toddler, identified as Carlos Fernandez Nava, was shot at 1:10 p.m. on Monday.

KCBS’ Holly Quan and Chris Filippi Report:

“We’re hoping that having the crime being quickly solved will bring some closure to the family,” Breshears said.

Police said they believe the targets of the shooting were two other men who had no connection to the young boy and his family. Those men were also struck by bullets but survived.

Nava was pronounced dead at Children’s Hospital in Oakland shortly after the shooting, during which as many as 10 shots were fired from a car driving along the street.

Police, lawmakers and residents have expressed heartbreak and outrage over the child’s death and a vigil was being held Tuesday evening at the scene of the shooting. It was attended by Oakland Mayor Jean Quan.

“The death of an innocent child caught in crossfire in broad daylight breaks my heart,” Quan said. “Too many innocents are becoming statistics in our city. Gun battles in our neighborhoods are not and will not be the norm.”

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

A memorial for the boy had already been set up on the sidewalk near where the shooting happened prior to the vigil. Mourners had dropped off stuffed animals, candles, and a large baby bottle. There was also a large poster on which community members had written condolence messages.

Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts put his department on tactical alert after the shooting and had officers working overtime to blanket the area; police spokeswoman Holly Joshi said “the investigation of this case and the arrest of all involved parties was our highest priority.”

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Comments (57)
  1. Lexie Blue says:

    News like this one make me so angry. I hope that they catch the killers and that they pay for what they did. I feel so sad for the family of the little boy, a precious little angel. Burn in hell killers!!!

    1. MORE TAXES says:

      Why does this make you angry when we need to find the poor people who did this and provide counseling and any help they need to live a better life? MORE TAXES OAKLAND WE NEED PROGRAMS TO HELP PEOPLE WHO NEED HELP !

      1. Nicco says:

        You’re kidding, right?

      2. Ms.Furious says:

        The hell with these poor people an innocent life was taking for no reason.The only help they need is exactly what they shall recieve.Death Penalty.

      3. daryle Martin says:

        Counseling for a senseless killing, what have u been smoking

      4. MORE TAXES says:

        No, I am not kidding. This would not have happened if more taxes were collected to provide job training, counseling and better opportunities. You cannot blame these poor kids who did this and so please raise taxes to provide more benefits and social programs so this will not happen in the future. They are crying out for help so let’s help them. They are the story not the toddler.

      5. Survival says:

        Hey More Taxes, it’s just what you want that has spun our society into the mess we are in now! Programs, programs and more programs!! We have shovled more hard earned money into failed programs as well as welfare that only traps people into a life style that dooms them. Taxes, I’m done with more taxes for no return but more failure from the ultra left who are bringing this country down faster than it can be repaired.

  2. Michael Bowens says:


  3. Michael Bowens says:


  4. Justin Ashford says:

    It sucks that because of budget issues the public has to suffer for lack of police presence. There has to be a way to get all the departments fully staffed to do the best they can to limit the loss of life.

  5. JP says:

    THis poor sweet, adorable, innocent young boy who thought he was just taking a stroll with two responsible adults who would never let anything happen to him. It makes me so sick to my stomach. I can’t imagine the pain that his mother is enduring right now losing her baby boy. Guns are for killing and nothing else. Get rid of them. Solve problems like real men….

    1. Guapi says:

      Criminals are always going to have the guns JP. Use your brain. Take them away from law abiding citizens and the thugs will have virtually no deterrent except the police. Opps, 80 of them have been laid off too!

  6. apple says:

    Rest in Heaven Carlito!

    Pinche cabrones…burn in hell!

  7. David Maxwell says:

    They’ve been arrested and we don’t have names?? The omission tells me all I need to know.

  8. Where are the protestors that block the intersections? says:

    Where are the Oscar Grant protestors for this one? Where’s John Burris? Yeah, I thought so.

    1. Ricardo Hartley says:

      The protestors and rioters (uncivilized and uneducated criminals mostly) only come out when one of their own criminal garbage types are killed in the act of shooting at, stabbing, or otherwise attacking/fighting with police. The protesters don’t give a rip about some sweet little 3 year old.

      1. Perla Karina Corea says:

        Totally agree!

    2. nicole says:

      Why do you people always bring up Oscar Grant his murder was sinceless too.btw gangs do not take an oath to protect and serve. The creeps that murdered the child wasnt even from oakland

      1. Where are the protestors that block the intersections? says:

        @ Nicole, Those child killers are probably your “homies” and you were probably “in it” when Oakland got trashed. You are stupid and illiterate b-tch and part of why Oakland is a cesspool.

      2. TPR says:

        You’re correct according to preliminary reports.Prelim’s say only that suspected murders of this 3 year old were ARRESTED in Pittsburg,Ca. Are you familiar with Pittsburg,Ca.? If you are,what does that indicate to you,as a strong possibility,at least. Hint: Gang/Race….and it probably isn’t The Irish nor Swedish low life dirtbags.Then again,remote chance it is.But,you,I wBay Area need more info from Mainstraem Politicall INCORRECT/Corrupt Mainstream media Left.

    3. Ms.Furious says:

      Instead of complaining why dont you start the protest.

      1. Where are the protestors that block the intersections? says:

        I already have protested in the streets. Back off. What are you, my momma?

  9. Tours Martel says:

    This is why we need to keep the death penalty, and to make it viable. Texas manages to make it both just and cost-effective, why can’t we? If California Democrats can’t make this happen, then they should retire and leave governing to the adults.

    1. Ricardo Hartley says:

      Haven’t you heard? There is a movement in Sacramento to eliminate the death penalty because it’s so expensive.
      I agree it’s expensive. Millions for the trial. Millions more for endless appeals. Then more tax dollars (wasted) feeding, housing and paying medical care for the inmates while they rot on death row and eventually die of old age before sentence is carried out. Politicians in Sac are not bright enough to figure out that if they streamline the process, they could save tons of money!
      Oh and sfgate needs to stop censoring my post where I hoped that the two s c u m b a g s resisted arrest.. Pity we couldn’t borrow some fullerton cops to make the collar too.

  10. John Burris Jr. says:

    You gotta love the sanctuary city policy. Immigration status on the 2 thugs? The police will not release this information because it is not politically correct. As long as thiey keep this stupid policy, crime will only increase and gangs will prevail everywhere.

  11. Ko Bo says:

    If thugs have no respect for human lives, why should theirs be?

  12. Feel the Wrath of Carlos says:

    My condolences to the family of Carlos Fernandez Nava. R.I.P Lil Man. Nothing will ever hurt you again. Watch over your family and help them through this tough painful time they are going through. Last but not least…… F**K You cowards. You and your f*g**t “gang” are nothing but a bunch of lil B**ch A** P*ssies. I hope you rot in hell. I say let Carlos family decide their fate. Whatever they get, their whole damn sorry A** gang should get too. They were too damn scared to get out of the car and go straight to their target and do it, instead they had to fire out of a moving car killing an innocent child. FYI….. Only cowards who can’t stand up for themselves join gangs.

  13. PW says:

    Maybe now the people of Oakland AKA victims, will un tie the hands of OPD and let them clean up that city. 74+ murders this year. 10 a month and now a 3 year old boy. All committed by “Good Men turning their lives around” or what most people call violent parolee pieces of garbage. But as long as self serving greedy people like John Burris can manipulate the ignorant, Oakland will continue to be a “Haven for Evil“. I wonder if John Burris has horns under that bad hair piece? Wake up Oakland!

    1. Panther57 says:

      My condolences also to the family and friends of this true Angel of the Lord he will be forever remembered.I totally agree with @ Feel the Wrath of Carlos these are true cowards in every sense of the word, these are not men and will never become men. My problem is why would these people become distracted from the honoring of this little baby boy by bringing up the Oscar Grant incident,these two situations are in no way related,Let us not tarnish the memories of them both by comparing the two There is a scorching eternal burning HELL for these individuals.PEACE

  14. tn says:

    Firstly, prayers to the the toddler’s family. Secondly, Jean Quan is sounding like Oakland’s previous mayors- “this is an outrage,” “this should not be the norm,” or “this breaks my heart.” And most importantly, what effective measures is the mayor taking to address and resolve this problem?

  15. irene says:

    God bless the family in such a wasted time an life as god would say vengence is mine an so it will be they will burn in hell for etertiny

  16. Raymond Lucas says:

    Lets send these guys to Guantanamo Bay for some good old fashioned waterboarding.

  17. Janice says:

    Life imprisonment is just as expensive because you have to feed and house the inmates. Plus, there’s always a chance they will escape and commit more crimes. I agree that the endless appeals for inmates on death row is ridiculous. It should be shortened so that an inmate is executed after 10 years in prison.

  18. Miss Dee says:

    I cannot imagine going for pizza and my son gets shot. Tears for the poor mother that had to hold her bleeding son in her arms because of two worthless human beings. What are we going to do about this?! Next time it could be your son or your daughter! It’s time for action and we all need to be involved. Make it a point to do something to remember Carlos Nava. Let this be the changing point.

  19. ani says:

    Every time the police kills a criminal I see all these senseless outrage for the wrong reason. Every time I see some criminal kill this innocent little boy, nobody seems to care in the word for this. It seems that the community always support the criminals, the drunks, the thieves, the murderer and the gang member. What a shame that this idiocy and the amount of insensitivity is allowed to continue. Oscar Grant has his share of problems with the laws, and his family members have chosen to take the path of indifference until Oscar Grant either commits a crime when he shouldn’t have been doing in the first place that would arouse police suspicion until it is already to late. The family of Oscar Grant should take the entire blame for themselves by continually leaving their own, out of trouble so this incident would not likely happen have Oscar Grant been fully cooperative. The supporters who shamed bart police are equally responsible for their lack of faith in the law, by engaging in disobedience with such recklessness, that I think they are nothing more than a bunch of imbecile rabble rousers.

  20. MyOpinion says:

    Had this child been black and killed by the police the Oakland community would be in the streets protesting and rioting in full force. Instead the only outrage has been by the family and the OPD.

    1. Toby says:

      I am black. I am outraged. I am sickened by this. My best friends are Hispanic. Don’t judge by race. My opinion.

    2. Collette says:

      It does matter what the child skin; the death a any child is extremely sad. The community as a whole should hit the streets and protest.

    3. Ms.Furious says:

      I’m black and i totally agree with you.Let the protest begin with this innocent child that lost his life for no apparent reason @ all !!!

      1. Action speaks louder than words says:

        @ Ms Furious. Well, practice what you preach and hit the streets.

  21. john says:

    Make the families of the gang members pay for thier thugs’ actions

  22. Where are the protestors that block the intersections? says:

    “…Gun battles in our neighborhoods are not and will not be the norm….” Get a clue, Quan. It ALWAYS HAS BEEN and ALWAYS WILL BE the norm, you moron. I didn’t vote for you for good reason.

  23. sal says:

    Too much hip hop music and gangs, drugs are fueling violence in Oakland. people of Oakland should start thinking like Asian’s built businesses and manufacturing. Pretty soon Oakland will be a wort place to live in the world which will drive away businesses and people.

    1. jewel says:

      I am sorry for your loss Dwayne. How I wish we lived in a more responsible society.

  24. Dwayne says:

    Your family is not alone. As painful this experience will be, please know that people far and near share your pain. As irrational as this lose is to understand, your family will get through this. My father was shot on the freeway and died days later while visiting family here in Sacramento. He too was an innocent bystander. I was in the ICU room for those days and watched countless times as the doctors tried to keep him alive. I have no words to describe the sorrow I have for your family, other than I share your pain. God bless, your family will make it.

    p.s. Justice should be swift without the burden of the people paying to keep these criminals alive and well in prison. Let the family members of the victims serve justice.

  25. Claudia Padilla says:

    I also am truly upset and can’t beleive there is much violence in this world and to see this is even worse for me because i also have children and would never want to go thru a tragedy like this one and would never want my children to suffer in any way. To the child’s family keep your head up God will do justice and will also help you get over this tragedy just beleive i know no words at this moment will console you but hope the best for you all…

  26. No Face says:

    Rest in peace little Carlos 😦

  27. jewel says:

    I blame only the killers and the society that fosters such violence…the root of the problem is ignorance, selfishness and stupidity…..WE need responsible adults to raise children in order for children to learn love instead of hate. Now, instead of sweet Carlos we have two monsters.

  28. BB says:

    I can feel your pain

  29. listenup says:

    In Oakland, and cities like it facing the same problems, the reality of it doesn’t reach outside of its city limits. Our society is so self absorbed that, sad to say, Americans really do not care. They will comment on it with anger or sympathy, but then switch the station to Jersey Shore or one of the many cancerous reality shows and forget it ever happened. There is NO sense of community, NO sense of responsibility anymore. If Oakland is going to change, its people need to be heard OUTSIDE of its city limits. The United States as a whole needs to know THIS IS GOING ON HERE AND NOW. The peoples voice needs to be heard way beyond Oakland’s officials, because honestly Oakland officials do not have the resources nor the answers to help itself.

  30. sal says:


  31. Rafie says:

    All good citizens pick up arms/weapons against all gangsters who already have arms/weapons and are using them. What say the citizens? If gangs keep killing everyone whether it’s another gang member or an innocent bystander, good citizens will eventually take things into their own hands. It can happen!!. These killings are being done by gangmembers and their drug riddled territories, GANGSTER EQUAL TERRORISM. 911 on a daily basis.

  32. Cynthia says:

    Im so grateful the OPD solved this violent crime of a child in a timely manner. Now I wish and pray they work as aggressively to find the killers of the 25yr old mother from Antioch who was killed last weekend in a driveby. She leaves a young daughter in this world without a mom or the 16yr old who was critically wounded in a driveby in Jack london Sq. this weekend and my nephew Darryl Starks killers, when he was killed in a driveby 12/2010. He leaves two daughters in this world without a dad. Every loss is precious!

  33. Kay says:

    i have been looking at the news and have seen many African Americans speaking out against this violent act of thugs shooting at each other and an innocent child life taken,just because people arent breaking out car windows and setting things on fire doesnt mean they arent outrage,i’m black and dont live in oaktown and am sick and sorry to hear what has occurred in broad day light on one of oakland’s busiest street w/no regards to anyones life.i hope and pray that they arrest the right ones involved and that they live the rest of their lives in prison.The police can not be at all places at all time ,especially when violence erupts and the communities will have to conquer their fears and start reporting these incidences in order for the suspects to get caught and convicted.Parenting should also be taught so people can learn to teach their offsprings right and wrong.Thou shall not kill is the order of the day! and perhaps Oakland should be investing in non profit programs for the many youths who roam the streets looking for something to do and help keep them from falling prey into the drug dealesr and gangsters hands.

  34. Kay says:

    I am black and seek justice for anyone regardless of their color.This child was not killed by police, so i wish immature people would not make unintelligent comments , also i heard the suspects were arrested so there is no need for a protest also you need to know who you are protesting against which would be the murderers,also i dont know why oscar grant name has to come into this either that is a whole separate incident.i may be naive but it sounds to me that there are GANG issues going on in Oakland and cowardly thugs who dont care about themselves or anyone else are shooting at each other.it is a sad day when it comes down to broad daylight driveby shootings and innocent people lives are in the crossfire.Death penalty does not stop the violence,unfortunately those who live by the sword will die by the sword but in the meantime the communities need to pray and learn to treat everyone right and stop battling over things that arent worth battling over.a precious lil boy life has been taken and everyone can feel the loss.

  35. Everybody shut up. says:

    In the end when all of the furor dies down, there remains a grieving mother who lost her baby. That is the most devastating part of it all. Think about it…

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