SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) –The best and the brightest officers at the San Francisco Police Department now have new work schedules. They’ve been transferred to nights and weekends.

When Greg Suhr became chief of police, most of the highly trained officers in the Gang Task Force, narcotics, vice and on violence response teams worked weekdays. However, Suhr saw a problem with officers being off duty when the majority of the crimes are committed. So, as of this week there are some changes in effect.

“Since 65 percent of our violence in California happens on nights and weekends, I put about 80 percent more officers on those times,” said Suhr.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

Word is that some of those officers are miffed about losing their nights and weekends off, but Suhr said he feels its a small price to pay for the value of being part of the department’s elite crime fighting units.

“Their strengths and gifts, as far as being police officers, are unparalleled, so it just made sense to put them on the crimes that are happening – versus having them respond afterward,” said Suhr.

Suhr also dispels rumors that the gang task force was disbanded. He said the various special units will now be called Violence Response Teams. He said that while their assignments remain the same, there will be several dozen more officers patrolling San Francisco streets at night.

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