San Bruno Prepares To Mark Anniversary Of Explosion

SAN BRUNO (KCBS) – In less than a month, San Bruno will mark the one year anniversary of the pipeline disaster that killed eight people in the Glenview neighborhood.

On Friday September 9th, members of the Crestmoor/Glenview neighborhood will gather at Skyline College for a somber memorial to the victims of the blast. On Sunday September 11th, the city will host a reunion of neighbors that Mayor Jim Ruane says will be a celebration of life and rebuilding.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

“These people are still very, very traumatized, as we all are,” said Ruane. “They are very traumatized by what happened, and of course the events of next month will bring it all back to them. So in a sense they are very sensitive and very delicate.”

This comes as the National Transportation Safety Board is preparing to release its final report into what went wrong when gas line 132 exploded, engulfing homes in flame. Ruane will be in Washington on August 30th to remind investigators this isn’t just about regulations and pressure limits, its about people.

“We’re going to get over this, and we’re going to rebuild, and we’ll probably have the safest community in the country,” said Ruane. “Going forward other communities will have to look at this, and they can’t just say ‘okay, that happened there, but lets just move on.’ No, no, no. This is something that has national implications for every community in this country.”

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  • apple

    Lets mark the one anniversary with a BANG!

  • Shari

    How utterly tactless and insensitive.

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