CONCORD (CBS 5) – A dramatic smash-and-grab robbery of an ATM machine from a Concord bingo hall was caught on tape overnight.

Surveillance video from the Blue Devils Bingo Hall shows two criminals ramming a pickup truck through the front of the business multiple times. After they shattered the front windows, the pair jumped out and threw the cash machine into their truck before speeding off. The whole incident took less than a minute.

“They had to know that that ATM was sitting right next to the door, so they could have played bingo before,” said Bret Rios, the hall’s director.

The thieves could pocket as much as $5,000 to $6,000 if they are able to get the cash out of the stolen machine.

On Wednesday, the glass was being swept up and the cost of the theft was added up at the hall. Repairs to the entry are estimated at $8,000, the ATM was another $8,000. Another machine was also damaged.

Officers said Wednesday that they have plenty of clues from the video to begin their investigation. They are looking for two middle-aged white men driving a two-toned blue pick-up. They even have a partial license plate that begins with “5K.”

The crime will lead to some out of pocket expenses for the bingo hall, which benefits non-profits including the Contra Costa Food Bank and a local swim team.

“It’s really sad that someone gets that desperate and I’m sure they didn’t think of the consequences and the ramifications of who it’s going to hurt, but it’s going to hurt thousands of people, unfortunately,” said Yvonne Mink of Walnut Creek Aquanauts.

The bingo hall will remain open to gamers while repairs are made.

“We have other doors, they can keep coming in,” said Rios.

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  1. Ken Schneider says:

    2 middle aged white guys in an old pick up truck in Concord on a crime spree.
    Typical night in the burbs.

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