OAKLAND (CBS 5 / KCBS) — Oakland police have booked a man on a murder charge stemming from a drive-by shooting that killed a 3-year-old boy.

Jail booking records reviewed by CBS 5 on Thursday identified the man as Lawrence Denard of Oakland. It was unclear whether he was one of the two men who were detained in Pittsburg on Tuesday following the boy’s shooting death.

Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts was quoted by the Associated Press as saying that investigators had uncovered “key evidence” in the shooting of young Carlos Nava.

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

The boy was in a stroller with his parents near a grocery store on Monday when as many as 10 shots were fired from a car.

Police said it appears two other men were the intended targets and that Nava, who was in the area shopping with his family, was hit by accident.

“The brazen and senseless violence that took the life of an innocent 3-year-old has devastated a family and stunned our community,” District Attorney Nancy O’Malley said in a statement.

Edward Benton is Denard’s cousin and said he is being framed by people in the community. He claims Denton would never harm a child.

“He’s a loving person. He takes care of his child and makes sure his child is alright,” said Benton. ” All I’ve seen is that he tries to make it better for his child.”

Benton said his cousin is the victim of a witch hunt, someone who has to take the fall because a toddler was killed.

Denard is expected to enter a plea later this month.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

People who want to make contributions should send them to the Carlitos Nava Fund at Wells Fargo’s San Leandro Marina branch. The account number is 3981855954.

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Comments (27)
  1. Genesther says:

    poor baby.. how sad and senseless

  2. Ugly American says:

    Whenever a thug gets gunned down by the police, the “community” comes out in droves and raises all kinds of hell about police brutality, corruption, profiling, etc. But when it comes to someone’s child being gunned down by thugs, there isn’t the same kind of moral outrage or protests against it. I guess these people would rather have drugs, gangs, murders, robberies and all of the rest of what goes along with living the “the hood” than to live in a safe, quiet, clean neighborhood. Can someone explain to me why this is so? I’ve lived in many cities across the US and, without exception, it’s the exact same in every one. How can anyone justify or support this kind of behavior?

    1. Thug Life says:

      STFU If you never live in the hood you’ll never know or understand the hood when you got nothing to lose, and no one to look out for to teach you better. you adopt a kill or be kill attitude. These folks don’t have parents that have money to send em to camps to enjoy their summer, they have pimps and gang-bangers or drug dealers to show them the ropes period. hence the youth grow up an continue to take on the same mentality as their f’d up uncle and peers. it’s called Thug Life! don’t voice your opinion out loud on things you know little of or don’t understand.

      1. Thug life? says:

        You’re an idiot. Ok, you grew up in a rough neighborhood…your parents weren’t around. Leave the 3 year old kid out of it. Kill each other all you want. Leave the rest of us in peace. Drug Dealers should know how to aim.

      2. StevenTorrey says:

        This is a response of so many Black people. That ‘White Oppression’ is the cause of their condition in life, their place in life. When in fact, Black response to their Fate causes so many of those problems. Nobody asks them to take drugs, use drugs. Nobody asks them to own guns, shoot guns. Nobody asks them to become prostitutes. Those are choices made by the Black community. We just read the high school drop out rate for Black students was almost 20%; nobody asks those students to drop out–that is a choice. That choice reflects the despair of the Black community re racism in America. Suggest the possibility that persisting and enduring in presence of that racism, in defiance of that racism… Why are those guns in the Black community? Put away the guns, the drugs, the prostitution… But then hell might freeze over first. The attitude adjustment must come from the Black community.

      3. Steven's not smart. says:

        “This is a response of so many Black people.”

        If you think the black community is represented by a guy who calls himself “Thug Life” I’m betting the amount of black people you know is in the single digits.

      4. duh says:

        “don’t voice your opinion out loud on things you know little of or don’t understand.” YOU “STFU” , a-hole, people have a RIGHT to voice an opinion on ANYTHING they want to; this is still a free country! Who the hell are you to presume you are the judge of what is worthy to be voiced, just because YOU are offended by what someone else says? You and your brethren in the ‘hood’ are IDIOTS!

      5. Al says:

        THug Chump, GTFOH with that feelin sorry for sorry my ass bulls&^*(! I grew up on the south side of Chicago and was a Latin King for 20 yrs. Would I ever want that sh** for my kids??? HELL F&^*( NO! Black people need to wipe out there own ni&&ers just like whites need to wipe out their own racist POS. Same for Mexicans. Your gonna get on here and defend the gunning down of lil kid??? That makes a f&^*(king PU$$Y!!!!! YOU AIN”T ABOUT SH^&*! AND I’LL TELL THAT TO YOUR BI^*&H A$$ FACE! CHUMP FA&&OT! All you wanna be thugs out here can suck my d&^*(K!

      6. dj says:

        Well I can tell you that there are more than enough young “hood” kids who reject your scenario. They a just normal kids trying to make a go of it with what’s been given them. That’s the majority! The ones who “take on the same mentality as their F’d up uncles” have as well inherited the idiot genes as well. It is their choice like it or not.

        Oakland has some serious problems. Not least is the so called “community”.
        That would be the code of silence and fear that the idiots have suceeded in promoting. The police cannot be trusted, nor your neighbor.

      7. Motivated for life says:

        This is so sad. We are on here cursing each other out instead of really commenting on this particular situation. How can we stop violence or help to resolve problems when we can’t even have a decent, educated conversation about the issues of racism, violence and education. The truth of the matter is the “situations” from the past are not an excuse, but if you do not consider how things started out with some communities, you will never understand how hard it is for some to get back on track. I don’t make excuses, I just do what I have to do to make it in this life. BUT it is b/c my mother put that in me. If she was on drugs and in the streets, chances are, I would have taken the same path; there are those few exceptions. BUT their motivation comes from other places such as the community, mentors, a great teacher, or church. This is what I do…I mentor at risk youth of all backgrounds, race and education levels. But mainly blacks b/c we are falling so far behind. Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. PLEASE. Blacks will never be looked upon as equal…so keep working harder, keep striving longer, get the best education possible and don’t become a statistic…its expected so prove them wrong.

  3. tn says:

    Nothing instrumental, and I mean nothing, will result from this vicious cycle. Until a strong political leader loses their child or spouse from a random shooting in Oakland, the pat-answer replies of outrage, sorrow, sadness, prayers, pleas, and public vigils will continue without much long-term success. To a high degree and sadly, Thug Life, is correct. Many of us are a product of our immediate and surrounding environment, good and bad.

    1. Codi Preston says:

      That is true, and we teach children how to become bad people as adults, and
      teach them how to be racist and bullies and become mean people. We are
      a product of our environment, absolutely true. And I’m embarrassed and
      ashamed to be even called an “adult” because of the things that we teach
      children. Just call me the perpetual 4 year old of California.

      Codi Preston

  4. adf says:

    As a minority, Black people always feel like they want to blame, people owe them, stubon, failure to work hard and dedicate, lack of contribution to society. They just not accept responsibility, and be discipline.

    They also are predictory and they like to rip or take advantage of people. That’s in their gene. Violent of course, even if you date back to centuries, in their own community back home or abroad, nothing has changed.

    Look at the incidents Roney King riots, Oakland, England, France, and violents in military base in Japan, Korea, people are tired of it. right.

    1. Al says:

      Oh Please!!! Whites are running wars arounf the world and killing innocent children right now! They came here and stold land by means of raping and murdering women and children. Thats how you got your happy little life. DOnt get on here and start with that non-sense when white folks are too blame fo0r all the guns on the streets dip s&^*(t! Blacks are just ignorant enough to use them on innocent people b/c they know no better.

      1. Anna Cabezas says:

        Thank you for making this point–SOOO true! Whites started it ALL (and I’m white)! But HEY–are we forgetting about this poor little boy???

    2. Voice1 says:

      Hey adf, this is pretty racist. You should open your eyes, study history, including world history, and see that violence exist in all cultures and ethnicities. Start with European history and go to American history with native American Indians. I don’t recall reading about black people killing tens of thousands of Native American Indians for their land. You will see that white people have more blood on their hands than any race on this planet. Also, learn to write. Basic grammar is not that difficult to learn. Have a nice day.

  5. adf is not smart says:

    I don’t understand how you can dislike black people so much and type like you were taught by a 14 year old, south central drop out.

  6. Jose says:

    Oakland is Iraq. It has become Falujah. Only a strong military presence can cope. The Oakland Police force is a joke concerned only with pension plans, and not getting shot by the people they are supposed to keep in line. Quan and City leaders have failed. It is going to come down to people arming themselves and becoming vigilantes to protect the lives of the families and especially children like this poor little boy. Send in the National Gaurd at least we can have them on scene to shoot back at the thugs.

  7. Citizen1234 says:

    Poor kid and his family. I hope the shooter(s) get the death penalty. That’s all I have to say. Nothing political, just my condolences to the kid’s family.

    1. Codi Preston says:

      EVERYONE loses in a game like this. There are no winners. We need to
      start teaching children the right things when they are young, and we need
      to teach them to keep their character traits that they have as a 4 year old,
      like being kind, compassionate, nonjudgemental (I have NEVER been judged
      or abused by a 4 year old at any point on my life), nonracist, and so forth.
      There are no winners when a child grows up and becomes a monster as
      an adult. The victim dies, the criminal gets thrown into prison forever or
      gets the death penalty, the prosecutor has to deal with this problem, the
      criminals’ parents wonders what they did wrong, and society has to pay
      an amazing fee to keep these criminals in state prison. Start caring about
      children in NURSERY SCHOOL, not when it’s too late to help them, when
      they are adults and they have become monsters. We, as a society,
      completely lack any ability to protect our children from violence and hate
      and teaching them the wrong ideas and morals in their lives. You don’t
      have to go very far to see that – just look at the TV set and see how many
      crimes are played out on TV – and a lot of bad guys – like Billy the Kid
      or Mack The Knife, are looked at as being folk heroes.

      Codi Preston

  8. tony says:

    WHY do u racist hide behind your computer?

    1. Codi Preston says:

      Because they are trolls and they like to get their jollies out of going to
      any bulletin board they find on the internet, and saying the most ridiculous
      racist stupid remarks. That’s the highlight of their life, and most of the time
      you see them as “anonymous” or some other name. If they weren’t so
      cowardly, they would at least show what their name is – some name other
      than a person hiding behind his computer. It takes a very very little man to
      do something like that.

  9. Codi Preston says:

    I happen to be 35 years old chronologically, which means really nothing because I also have high functioning Autism (although some days it feels like low functioning Autism). Unlike some people with Asperger’s Syndrome who are like 16 year olds emotionally and socially, I am actually like a 4 1/2 to 5 year old emotionally and socially. And after seeing the comments on this page right here, I don’t know if it is really that bad to be like a 4 year old. I act like a 4 year old sometimes without knowing it, and I feel terrible when people stare at me, but I don’t know what’s worse – being like a 4 year old or writing hateful messages on a news story about a 3 year old that got ruthlessly and brazenly murdered. I hate to say this, but I volunteer at one of my local libraries (in the South Bay) at Preschooler Storytime on Thursdays, and my children’s librarian friend reads them stories and we dance songs like the “Chicken Dance”, “Five
    Little Monkeys Swinging From A Tree” (this is the one with Mr. Alligator),
    “Peanut, Peanut Butter, and Jelly” (upon which the kids jump up when they
    sing “Jelly!”, and the higher I jump up, the higher they jump up (I really rile
    them up and get them enthusiastic), etc. We do a lot of oldies too like
    Lucky Ladybug, Whole Lot of Shakin’ Going On, Willie and the Hand Jive,
    and Rockin’ Robin. These children are 3 to 5 1/2 year olds. What I meant
    to say when I said “I hate to say this” is I have been around toddlers and
    preschoolers all my life, and in my opinion and from what I have seen,
    I think there are far MANY more 4 year olds that are kind, compassionate,
    understanding, nonjudgemental, nonracist, forgiving, and loving than there
    are adults in this world. You all have just proved that.

    These child murders just cut me in half viscerally. The thing is, we have
    to start caring about our children. Whoever killed this 3 year old boy
    Carlito, was a child at one time too himself – and maybe not that long in
    the distant past. We teach children how to be mean and nasty. We teach
    children how to be racist. We teach them how to bully other people. And
    that is very very sad. In a way, I feel sorry for these “thugs”, whoever
    killed this precious little boy, because they must have been kind, loving,
    adorable toddlers who were taught the wrong things and led astray down
    the road and then turned into monsters as adults. We “adults” (I don’t even
    claim to be an adult anymore; I’m a perpetual 4 year old. I am so embarrassed
    and ashamed to be called a so called adult with the things we do to children)
    say that we care about children, but a lot of times, it’s only really lip service.
    How many freeways are named after children that tragically die? Shouldn’t
    they be memorialized too? How come freeways are named after adults
    that get killed in tragedies or in car accidents such as CHP officers, but
    there is never anything named after children?? How many of you, upon
    hearing of a 11 year old that killed someone, would say, “Throw that kid
    in prison for the rest of his life and let Bubba rape him everyday”? That’s
    called CARING about children??!! I don’t care if the 11 year old child killed
    someone, he’s still a child himself!! If you really believe that that is caring
    about children, then I have a bridge to sell you for 35 cents in Brooklyn,
    New York.

    We as a community have to start caring about children, and I don’t see that.
    Somewhere, children grow up and become nasty adults (not all of them,
    but quite a few). And we teach them how to do that. I don’t know about
    any of you, but when I see God when I go to Heaven, I have more than
    1 question to ask him. But the biggest question will be: Why didn’t He
    let us all stay like preschoolers, like sweet Carlito here?? By letting us
    become adults, He opened up a Pandora’s Box so that now all we have
    done is disappointed HIm greatly. Wars, hatred, racism, bullying, murders,
    etc. If we were all 4 year olds, this would never happen – not in a million
    years. You see 4 year olds talking to each other or playing. Sure, they
    “fight”. But the thing is that in 10 minutes, 10 minutes later they are back
    to playing with each other again and everything is forgiven. Little kids
    quickly forgive others. And they truly forgive from their heart. I have concluded
    this after observing children and also asking child development teachers and
    child psychiatrists and developmental psychologists about this, and they
    all think the same thing – that children forgive truly from their heart, and not
    because they have a short term memory which was something that maybe
    I thought was a factor. Adults hold grudges – for 10 years, 20 years,
    40 years, maybe the rest of their life?? How many wars would we have
    had if we were like little kids?? Would Adolf Hilter even have been able
    to kill 6 million Jews, had he been like a 4 year old? Oh no, he wouldn’t
    even have been able to round up the Jews, he wouldn’t have been able
    to get them on trains to go to Auschwitz. There would have been no
    Auschwitz. For that matter there would have been no Holocaust!!

    I work with preschoolers all the time and I really enjoy them and I love
    to entertain them. The children are very happy to see me and I make
    them very enthusiastic. My point in this long message is that I think
    children are the light of the world, and everytime a child gets killed for
    stupid actions of other people, I feel very very sad and it really does
    affect me. When I read this story originally on Wednesday, I had a headache
    already, but reading this made it even worse, so on Wednesday I ended
    up vomiting most of the afternoon. I am leaving California and moving to
    the Carolinas soon, hopefully, where people might be a little more understanding and nonjudgemental, probably leaving in 1-2 months.

    Thank you very much

    Codi Preston

  10. Codi Preston says:

    By the way, I wanted to add one thing. This is sad but it’s also true. I mentioned
    that children are very forgiving. I read a few weeks ago when Casey Anthony
    got acquitted of killing her 2 year old daughter Caylee, someone actually mentioned on a board that the “saddest thing although it is forgiveness and love, is that if Caylee could somehow come back to life, could magically come back to life after being killed, she would run into her mom’s arms and forgive her for everything she did to her”. I know Casey killed her daughter, without a question, and I know it sounds sick, but Caylee would forgive her in a split
    second. And strangely enough, I have a feeling that little Carlito already has
    forgiven these stupid thugs for killing him. The more I think about it, the
    more I look forward to going to Heaven one day and getting away from here.

    And make no mistake about it: the children at my Preschooler Storytime
    really look forward to see me and they love me and enjoy having me
    around. I don’t get along that well with teens or young adults, but little
    kids have always accepted me even in middle school and high school
    when people my age (teens) would bully me back then.

    Codi Preston

  11. PNJ says:



  12. apple says:

    LYNCHING…lol…I like that! Bring the good ole days back to America and it will teach them all a lesson.

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