The San Francisco 49ers open the preseason at New Orleans on Friday at 5 p.m. on KPIX-TV CBS 5 against Drew Brees and the Saints’ high-scoring offense.

49ers fans: What do you think of this year’s team and new head coach Jim Harbaugh?

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Comments (44)
  1. Pierre says:

    Why is Alex Smith still our QB?

  2. Big Rich says:

    Same old phony-niners.

  3. Sarah DeBoer says:

    If the 49ers can learn to play like the Giants – like a team – know each other, care about each other and care about the bay….we can go all the way!!!! We have it, we just have to know how to use the power of a team and fans…….

  4. josh tracy says:

    What scenario would have to take place for CK to start as quarterback week 1 against Seattle?

  5. Mario Quiñonez says:

    I think Harbaugh needs to open his eyes and let go of alex smith!! Im behind Colin Kaepernick all the way!!!

  6. Demeil jacobs says:

    U have to love Kaepernick! He will be the starting quarterback layer in the season and the 49ers need a better o-line, if they do the 49ers are a playoff caliper team!!!I

  7. Diana Keh says:

    So glad that the niners went out and secured Harbaugh as our coach. This shows management is committed to winning and it gives us fans hope for the future. Expectations are high this season. 49er Faithful expect nothing but the best and we expect to win, even after the losing seasons that we have experienced that last 7 years. The fans want a championship back in SF!!!!

  8. nadine says:

    Same old Niners…

  9. Kaila H says:

    Preseason and were already loosing….Shocker!! Yay go niners!!

  10. Juan toledo says:

    hey the niners got some really awesome talent .. Its a niner rebuild this year.. Jim seems hes doing good hey its the beginning of preseason these guys need to work together.. I know we had the ol hall of famers and the ol 49er greatness but this is a new breed of 49ers and colin kaepatrick seems he gots his head on his shoulder now just the rest of the team needs to pitch in. Last years defense was so great i want to see this years 49ers be better!!!

  11. CHEETO says:

    what great journeys start on 2 feet?

  12. Sebastian Carrllo says:

    i think that Jim should get rid of Alex Smith i mean really i can do better than him and play Pop Warner. Plus if Jim was a really good coach Stanford why dosen’t he use the plays he used at Stanford and use them at San Fransisco

  13. Katrina Williams says:

    This is a repeat of last season, the season before that, and the one before that.. etc. The 49ERS will remain the same as long as Alex Smith is still the quarter back. It’s time to revamp this team starting with kicking Smith to the curb.

  14. Kevin Gregory says:

    like what he did at san diego and stanford harbaugh just needs time (a couple seasons) to get all the pieces in place and the plays installed the way he wants it, no doubt he will have success watch

  15. Costanza says:

    49ers should just go 0-16 and draft Andrew Luck. He is the one that can save this team from its misery

  16. Don the niner fan says:

    On the Saints Niner game in 1980, I was there and it was Steve DeBerg, down 35 to 7 at half time . niners brought in Super Joee ( I was upset thought DeBerg would develope into a good one) Super joe came in and lit up the playing field. best game of that year. best playoff game was the catch. been a niner fan since Kezar in 1948(?) 1947(?) thier first year. have been a fan since. GO NINERS

  17. Kay says:

    Kaepernick is going to work out Great for the 49ers.

    1. Josh says:

      Yeah he seemed to do really good vs. the Saints lol.

  18. Matt N. says:

    If Alex doesn’t take us to the playoffs this year, our front office is going to look like idiots for giving him as many chances as they did. Pressure’s on.

  19. Michael Evans says:

    Alex is not the One!!!That’s first! there’s talent !use it! get the ball out of Alex’s hands as soon as possible! Let him go.(TRADE)The sooner you move on, the better your chances this year,don’t be stubborn like Mike and see how He does He’s another Steve DeBerg He’ll play good enough to get you beat!

  20. Charles Clark says:

    I’m sorry to say as a 25 year season ticket holder with a 40k investment… sticking with Alex Smith is all about saving money for the new Santa Clara stadium. Look, I’ve watched some of the best football ever played in the Bay Area……the money for the good times was well spent. Unfortunately the direction the ownership and the team has taken is not conducive to my family remaining season ticket holders. The QB position is the hardest and the most important position on ANY football team, let alone a NFL franchise. With Smith at the QB position the ownership is not serious about putting a quality team on the field. Personally I sincerely feel this is a business decision and has NOTHING to do with the fan base…….sorry. I hope CBS has the courage to post and or report what the real “49er Faithful” feels.

    1. Matt N. says:

      Sounds about right!

  21. Paul Richardson says:

    Someone please break Alex Smith’s are so the 49ers & the fans can move on!

  22. Ron Douglas says:

    OK guys, you blew it on the Serra High comment. What do you mean they produced a pretty good baseball player? What about Lynn Swan, not exactly chopped liver. He signed my senior yearbook.

  23. Bill says:

    Alex Smith sucks we have given him to much money for nothing.I’m disgusted with him and the way we playing if we smart just loose all the game games this year and take Luck in draft SMITH IS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE THE ONE

  24. Joan Browne says:

    Watching from Reno and impressed with commentary and analysis by broadcast crew! Reno area is a large fan base for the 49ers–but with QB Colin “Kap” Kaepernick” leading the team (so far), there will be *many* more 49er fans in this region! Dare I say a few converts from the Raiders!?! 🙂 Wishing the entire 49er organization a *famously* successful season! ***GO, KAP***!

    1. Chris says:

      Kap sucks too. GO BACK TO RENO!

  25. alex says:

    Can we please have a QB?
    Pre-season or not, we must have some pride.
    And please do not blame the hold-out.
    Blame no leadership on the field.

  26. Jimmy 9er says:

    If tonight is any indication of what the season is going to be like….I recommend returning to the the lockout. I trully think this year will be very painful if some veterans do not stand up and become leaders. Jim cannot do it all by himself.

  27. Bill says:

    I’m done not gunna finish watching can’t belive I waited so long for THIS

  28. Chris says:

    Why beat around the bush? I’ll just say what even the guys in the booth are thinking…5-11 this season (maybe!!!!!)

  29. SF FAN says:

    I wonder if Alex Smith and Barry Zito ever bump into each other at the bank?? MMMMmm??

  30. chris hamett says:

    thats 2 i have seen from colin in 5 minutes lets bring in a QB that can thinkon his feet. alex smith aint the one but idont see much out of anyone else bring in a veteran just until we can establish a team again. I don’t mean smith as far as harbaugh goes dont know yet.

  31. J Casarez says:

    Please stop feeding the Offensive Line before an away game, or make them take their wives with them on the road. For some reason they are worst now than the 2nd to last ranking that they had last year. The only hope is that this loss will sit in their gut and motivate them for the rest of the season.

  32. Diana Keh says:

    What would it take for the 49ers to make the Playoffs this year?

  33. kevin farley, Gunn 83 says:


    PALY SUCKS!! Ha-Ha. Good job with the team on such a short week. What’s been the biggest adjustment you’ve made this week as opposed to working with college players? Any major differences on the sidelines tonight?

  34. Diana Keh says:

    I wish the commentators and the 49ers would stop making excuses for their poor play. At the end of the day. if there is no W, it really doesn’t matter.

  35. Jimmy 9er says:

    Things could be worst…we could be Raider fans!

  36. rob says:

    Zero Finesse, all strength. I’ve noticed this in the NFL for the past 5 years. I enjoy the college game much more. Same with the NBA, but that turned bad much faster. Also, do the pro teams employ psychologists?? Terrible body language, the first thing the Russians taught their elite athletes was to NEVER show weakness..

  37. J says:

    Please stop using that horrible buzz noise during the cuts to and back from replays! It is beyond irritating.

  38. Enrique ortega says:

    If the 49ers would stop being wussys the raiders would be murdering them raiders never have any coverage

  39. Dennis Hormann says:

    Congrats to those that brought Tim Ryan onboard for the TV broadcast. He knows the game, he knows the players and explains it well. His color commenting brings a huge dimension that is rarely explained as well in any sport. Tonight I saw and heard a football game explained in a way I thoroughly enjoyed.

  40. George Hamilton says:

    Didn’t see the game. Was out with my wife and son(who leaves for his first Army assignment tomorrow). Did watch the post game. The guy on my left(with the emerging gut and his tie tucked into his pants) made the pronouncement(regarding Alex Smith) that Tom Brady one of the Mannings etal would have flourished under any system. EXCUSE ME, how exactly do you know??? You’re just guessing and running your mouth. Leave the guy alone. Who the fu*k will care that you said it if you’re right?

  41. zaharovax says:

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