SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — Authorities have arrested a 17-year-old on suspicion of attempted murder in a hammer attack on a South San Francisco man.

South San Francisco police say the teenager strangled the 47-year-old nearly unconscious and hit him in the head twice with a hammer on Sunday while helping the man clean out his garage.

Police spokeswoman Joni Lee said the teenager became upset when the victim, who has not been identified, reneged on an offer to give the teen a stereo amplifier in exchange for helping him clean up the garage.

The teen was arrested at the scene after a neighbor who heard screaming called police.

He was booked into Hillcrest Juvenile Facility.

The victim was taken to Kaiser hospital before being transferred to San Francisco General.

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  1. Concerned Parent says:

    Parents please teach your kids to control their anger and not to be so greedy.
    These two things are not talked about enough to our youth these days.
    Don’t rely on a teacher to teach this to them this is your job as a parent.
    It is especially important to each this to them when they are first starting out at the age of 2 is a good time to begin. I have seen to many little ones SCREAMING at mom or dad to give them candy or a toy in the store and a lot of times they get their way. When a child is given what they want right then it is teaching them to be like the boy in the news report.

    1. Jadǝ Purǝlica says:

      I agree. Don’t just give them an iPad to make them stop crying and whining.

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