OAKLAND (CBS 5) — The police chief for the Oakland Unified School District abruptly announced his retirement Wednesday after coming under fire for allegedly using racial slurs.

Chief Peter Sarna, who is white, had served as the school district’s top cop for the past two years and, ironically, is married to a black woman.

He was suspended by district administrators and placed on paid adminstrative leave on Aug. 4 after a formal complaint was filed and an internal investigation was launched into his conduct.

Sarna was accused by a white sergeant of recently using the so-called ‘N-word’ in a tirade directed at a black officer during a charity golf outing with colleagues on off-duty hours.

However, supporters of Sarna – including a church leader in Oakland’s black community – had repeatedly come to his defense.

“I’ve never known anything racist, or anything that would lead me to believe that he would do that. He’s certainly not that type of guy,” said Bishop Bob Jackson of the Acts Full Gospel Church.

The school district would not comment on their probe, but said Wednesday that the case was closed as a result of Sarna’s decision to retire.

In a letter to the Oakland school board about his retirement, Sarna implied he used the slur by saying that he was “deeply sorry for the pain my actions have caused” and said he would focus on sobriety, recovery and repairing the pain he caused to his family.

“I make no excuses for my behavior and no explanations. There simply is no excuse for the hurtful words I used and no explanation for behavior so at odds with whom I believe myself to be,” he wrote.

School district spokesman Troy Flint said the district’s police department, which has 16 sworn officers and 79 school security officers, would be run by several sergeants while the district searches for a new chief.

Sarna previously worked at the Oakland Police Department for 15 years, rising to the level of lieutenant, where he commanded the Special Operations Group, which sought to clamp down on street-level violence in the city.

Sarna then served as deputy director of the state Department of Justice’s Division of Law Enforcement, overseeing many state investigators and criminalists.

Sarna had developed a close relationship with Gov. Jerry Brown when Brown was mayor of Oakland and Brown appointed him to the state post after he was elected California Attorney General in 2006.

Sarna resigned from the state post in August 2007 after he was involved in a drunken driving-related crash in Walnut Creek.

His lawyer, Alison Berry Wilkinson, said Wednesday that Sarna “is sorry that his alcohol problem has inflicted pain on so many different people.”

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Comments (6)
  1. roberto rodriguez says:

    I don’t see a problem here, blacks call each other the N word , yet it it ok, but when a white person says it , it’s racial,…….hum………

  2. Danny says:

    its not the use of the N word, its the view he has that they should be hanging from town square by a noose, and the only good one is a dead one. you must be a little think to think that the use of the n word is more important than the tone of his views! and finally i dont understand why the black community is supporting this, they should be happy they dont have a closet racist in their mist who at any time could have actually hindered their community withoput their knowledge!

    1. Mel says:

      Danny, did you miss the part of the story where it says that Sarna is married to a black woman? Yeah, he’s a racist, sure. And you are an idiot.

  3. Scott says:

    I don’t believe this man to be a racist. I believe him to be an alcoholic. My dad was a wonderful man untill he drank alcohol. This police chief is doing the right thing by retiring and getting help. However, he has now violated the public trust twice and should not be allowed back into public service again. With his experience and future sobriety, the private sector is where he should go…

  4. Judy says:

    Black people need to get it together, themselves, regarding the use of the “N” word. How can there be such an offense to a word that they so freely use among themselves? They throw around the word as if it is a beautiful thing. Yet, it’s such a painful thing when someone else uses it towards them? Get a clue people! Respect yourselves before you can expect others to do the same. And no, I am not white…I, too, am black. God bless any and all of you who use the word, for you know not what you do to all.

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