BERKELEY (KCBS) – As if having to deal with ongoing budget cuts wasn’t enough, University of California officials are now in search of funding as they need to seismically repair campuses across the state.

More than a dozen classrooms at Tolman Hall on the UC Berkeley campus are closed because the building needs more than $200 million in repairs.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

Steve Montiel with the UC Office of the President said this is just one project that needs immediate attention for the 10-campus system.

“Some things get put off and we just do the best we can with what we’re getting from the state and what we can get through other means,” Montiel said.

With enrollment growth at some campuses, Montiel said many buildings need to expand and getting the necessary funding is proving to be quite challenging.

“We need more than a billion dollars a year over the next five years to address the most pressing needs of our facilities,” he said.

Bond money that was used to fund structural improvement projects is no longer reliable.

Montiel said there is an effort underway to put a bond on the ballot for 2012, but even if voters approved it, the bond wouldn’t cover all the capital needs.

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Comments (2)
  1. mechanic says:

    Sure, great! Let’s spend more money that we don’t have on some unnecessary BS.
    When is this stuff ever going to stop? I’m sure it would improve the quality of our University’s output(??)…NOT.

  2. Milan Moravec says:

    Sismi repars can be paid with wage concessions from UC Berkeley Chancellor Faculty wage concessions. No deal!, University of California Berkeley (Cal) to sharing financial sacrifices with Californians, students.

    Democrats Republicans face mortgage defaults, 12% unemployment, pay reductions, loss of unemployment benefits. No layoff or wage reductions for Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, Faculty during longest deepest recession.
    There is no good reason to raise tuition, fees when wage concessions are available. UC wages must reflect California’s ability to pay, not what others are paid. If wages better elsewhere, chancellors, vice chancellors, tenured, non tenured faculty, UCOP apply for the positions. If wages determine commitment to UC Berkeley, leave for better paying position. The sky above the 10 campuses will not fall.
    Pitch in UC Berkeley (with deeds not words) for all Democrats, Republicans!
    No furloughs. UCOP 18% reduction salaries & $50 million cut.
    Chancellors’ Vice-Chancellors’, 18% cut. Tenured faculty 15% trim.
    Non-Tenured, 10% reduction. Academic Senate, Council remove 100% costs salaries.
    It is especially galling to continue to generously compensate chancellors, vice-chancellors, faculty while Californians are making financial sacrifices and faculty, chancellor, vice-chancellor turnover is the lowest of USA public universities.
    The message that President Yudof, UC Board of Regent Chair Lansing, UC Berkeley Birgeneau are sending is they have more concern for generously paid chancellors, faculty. The few at the top need to get a grip on economic reality and fairness.
    The California Legislature needs a Bill to oversee higher education salaries, tuition.
    Email your opinion

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