4-Year-Old Killed In Santa Rosa Hit & Run; Suspect Arrested

SANTA ROSA (CBS SF) — Santa Rosa police have released more information about a fatal hit-and-run accident in a crosswalk Thursday evening.

The 4-year-old boy who was struck by the vehicle in a Santa Rosa crosswalk died in a hospital Friday morning, Santa Rosa police Sgt. Rich Celli said.

His identity is not being released until family members are notified, Celli said.

Police arrested 22-year-old Marcos Lopez Garcia, of Santa Rosa, on Thursday for felony hit-and-run. He is being held in Sonoma County Jail without bail. His bail before the boy died was $500,000.

Garcia is scheduled to be arraigned Monday afternoon in Sonoma County Superior Court. Additional charges are expected to be filed against him.

Garcia does not have a current driver’s license and has two prior arrests for driving without a license, Celli said.

The most recent Sonoma County Superior Court records show he was cited on June 25, 2010, for driving without a license and insurance. He pleaded no contest on July 27, 2010, and was given a 12-month conditional sentence that expired on July 27 this year.

The boy was struck around 6 p.m. in the crosswalk at West Ninth Street and Rockwell Place near Jacobs Park.

He was taken to a local hospital then flown to Children’s Hospital in Oakland, where he died.

Leroy Flach, of Santa Rosa, was listening to a police radio and spotted a car matching the description of the suspect’s vehicle and the suspect in Finley Park not far from the incident. Flach saw the suspect peeling a decal off the car’s rear window, Celli said.

Flach said he then saw a woman in a Volvo sedan pick up the driver and flee, Celli said. He also provided the license plate of the Volvo and its direction of travel, Celli said.

Police found the suspect across town standing next to the Volvo in the 500 block of Sonoma Avenue around 7:50 p.m. Thursday, Celli said.

According to police, the suspect gave information that confirmed his involvement in the hit-and-run and was arrested.

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  • BOB

    What about the woman that picked him up, was she arrested also ?

    • Tiffany

      No, they did not arrest the woman. She should have been charged with accessory, if she knew what was going on.

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  • Doodle

    Ooops, misspelled bring.

  • Choice

    I feel so sad for all the little children who have died at the hands of STUPID adults.

  • kev

    Was he in this country illegally?

  • Terry

    Few are aware that California leads the nation in hit and run accidents. And why? AAA estimates that 10-15% of motorists have no license and 20% have no insurance. We have millions of people illegally driving in California and nothing is done about it. How many families have to be impacted by these unlicensed and uninsured drivers before something is done about it? It may be an inconvenience for us, but perhaps some random checks like they do for drunk driving may be necessary. One way or the other, we’ve got to get the unlicensed and uninsured drivers off our roads.

  • Mark

    I was hit by an illegal alien from mexico about 2 years ago. The young punk left the scene of the accident. CHP finally found the idiot several days later but couldn’t interview him since they had no spanish speakers in their office. Mean while, the punk totalled my car. My insurance company could not track him down since he used numerous names. My insurance ended up paying for my car to be replaced. This insanity has to stop. The only time something gets done is when a prominent politician is serious injured or killed by one of these illegal aliens.

  • MikeBloo

    you say.. you’re not helping people for breaking the law its a different kinda help now heh.. the law isnt helping people for breaking the law…. some fanatic jesus christ crusaders or something but thats not what its about

    • David Maxwell

      What language are you attempting to speak? Your post is gibberish.

  • mechanic

    Mike “blew” that whole attempt to try to communicate his opinion in some sort of coherent language (English??). What a shame! What a moron.

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