Google Brings Ultra-Fast Internet To Homes Near Stanford

STANFORD (CBS 5) — Google has changed the way people search on the internet, now it’s changing the way some people surf the web.

Hundreds of lucky Bay Area residents are now accessing what is being touted as the fastest internet speeds in the world.

CBS 5’s Kiet Do tested the Google Fiber internet service, which is being offered for free in a neighborhood just south of the Stanford University campus. A 95-megabyte high-definition movie trailer downloaded in about nine seconds. showed up in a blink.

Download speeds on the network were up to 300 Mbps, with an upload speed of 150 Mbps. Compare those speeds to Comcast, where Do reports download speeds of 13Mbps, or about 1/20th the speed of Google Fiber.

Kansas City is the only other place to receive Google Fiber. It’s part of a grand experiment involving as many as half a million homes to improve ways to build the network, see what apps people might invent and how it would change people’s lives.

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  • stanford

    Some at Stanford have lost internet altogether.

  • ez

    Wonder what kind of spyware they require upon install…

    • Ghostsouls

      No need for spyware, the only requirement will be a vote for obama.

    • DeadGuy

      well said…

      • davec

        makes it next to impossible to detect hacking into your computer.

        Estimate (guess) how long itll take to download a virus at 113 MB

  • Wes

    Most of the “Western” world should be on fibre optics by now, anyway. The telecom industry has had the infrastructure for awhile now. Good for Google!!! Its about time!!!

  • Denis in Vermont

    Burlington VT has this Fiber. Google skipped us for their TEST? They bought existing fiber lines for their TEST. STOP USING Google they will control EVERY aspect of your life. That might not work for you down the line……

    • getreal

      The purpose of this test is to just prove that this can be easily done and wireless providers should do it. I applaud this test.

    • Tina

      I totally agree, Google is your master now.

  • steve

    Chattanooga TN has fiber optic service with 1 gigabit symmetrical (same upload and download speed) now available. The base service starts at 30 meg symmetrical. So, meh, nothing new, we’ve had fiber optic for over a year already.

    • Lee Hite

      That is what I was going to say, looks like someone needs to do their research bf they say Google has the fastest internet. Chattanooga blew them out of the water. Most of my family lives in Chattanooga.

      • Barry bin Inhalin

        It makes perfect sense, really. It’s how Ohzer0 got elected. CBS doesn’t do any investigating; they just regurgitate what they are told by the Liberal/Elite Club. And Google is on the Board of Directors of thier little cabal.

      • PeteV

        The article’s point is not about fiber optic being new…everyone knows that’s been around for a while now. The point of the article is the Speed of google’s fiber- 300MB down/150MB up. Chattanooga’s 30MB symmetrical feed is only a fraction of that…
        The issue here is not lack of research, but rather lack of reading comprehension?

      • SteveW

        Pete just so you know the speed you just stated is inaccurate, this is a common mistake people make when talking ISP speed. The correct terminology is Mbps not MB The difference is one is Mega Bytes (MB) the other is Mega bits per second(Mbps). Here is a conversion calc that I use when determning speeds. Just a friendly FYI!

      • inetmon

        Steve, you are giving most people way too much credit… I’ll translate…

        1 MB is 8 times larger than 1 Mb… Inet speeds are mostly measured in Mb… I quite igly doubt giggle is pushing in Mega-Bytes, rather in Mega-Bits.

        Secondly, thank you Steve, for the great link!

      • inetmon

        Assuming it really is that speed in the real world. Many people can be told to advertise anything ;)… I wonder how the tests prove out.

      • Antwan

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    • Bobbo


      Please go back and re-read what Steve wrote. He said Chattanooga’s fiber service *started* with 30Mbps speeds, but went up to 1Gbps which is over 3 times faster than the speeds listed in the article.

      Reading comprehension indeed. “Physician. Heal thyself.”

  • Tina Raddigan Welch

    It’s called fiber optics and it has been available for years it was just too expensive but they can call it Google fiber make it affordable and bring it to my house.

  • g

    Belson: The high population density across major South Korean cities makes it easy to reach large numbers of users with extremely high-speed connectivity. (For instance, almost half of South Korea’s population lives in the Seoul National Capital Area, and nearly a quarter in Seoul itself.) Additionally, the South Korean government invests in extremely high-speed connectivity, such as the Korea Information Infrastructure (KII) Plan aimed at connecting of 84% of South Korean households to broadband services with speeds of up to 1 Mbps by 2005, and the 2010 announcement of a plan to boost residential connections to 1 Gbps by 2012.

    • Nate

      Indeed, I was stationed in Camp Castle and lived outside post in Bosan Dong from 2006-2008. 35,000 won a month for cable and internet that smokes the fastest fiber here. We get our technology from them, their cell phones are years ahead of us as well.

  • James Woods

    Where is everyone screaming anti-trust now? Internet providers either pay to peer with google or peer with google for free. Both parties benefitted as it was but not with this new system.

    Why peer with google if they are going to provide internet service? You’ll be competing with them and at the same time needing them for search and youtube.

    This screams anti-trust. I also like how they got off the hook with wi-fi sniffing. The media reports it was accidental. Really accidental huh?

    That’s like you riding around with a gun and “accidentally” shooting people.

    • Peyoteboy

      Because they are friends with our current administration, so the DOJ wont touch them.

      The corruption knows no bounda

      • PhuckG00gl3

        The topology of their network is

        Your Home Google NetNSACIAFBIInternet

  • Robert

    Single mode fiber optics cable can carry any speed put on it. The problem has been in the multiplexer that can deliver the speed. A fiber cable is like a highway. It may be capable of sending and receiving (upload and download) at the speed of lighting but traffic on the road can slow it down to the slow pace of rush hour.

    • bongo

      ‘speed of lighting’ It’s Lightning!!!!!

      When will people learn?

      • Robert

        No bongo it’s “photoniic energy” not “static electric charges”. While “speed of lighting” is just a phrase, photons do travel at the speed of light BECAUSE THEY ARE LIGHT!

      • peter

        ‘speed of lighting’ It’s Lightning!!!!!
        When will people learn?

        Learn what? Your comment has four grammatical errors!

    • DeadGuy

      While you may have a point, my only question is… Did you understand what he meant?


  • AlGoreInventedTheInternet

    Snooze. Fiber obtic internet to the home at anywhere near theoretical speed was a cutting edge idea in 1982. Google is doing it now to select communities and it’s still not that fast. They just want to see how many people are willing to pay for the buildout. I’m sure the woman in the video isn’t going to increase her “innovation” much. She might sign up for Netflix.

  • Kitty Glitter

    Is this that thing that google advertised a couple years ago where you flush the thing down your toilet and the connect it to your computer?

  • Lester Hansen

    Verizon FIOS fiber optic internet sounds similar, located in many other parts of the country.

    • Mike

      FIOS! It’s too expensive and their customer service stinks…

      • Dan

        What ? 99 dollar triple play with a dvr you can watch in every room. Fios is great. i get 35 down and 35 up .

      • Michele Lloyd

        I disagree. FiOs service has been great, and customer service excellent. The price is competitive with DSL, and cable, and is more reliable.

      • Rob Carlisle

        I have FiOS as well. I also used to work at Corning as part of their Fiber-to-the-Home marketing group. I love it! I can stream Netflix video via my blu-ray player with very good definition. Blu-ray requires about 25 MBPS of bandwidth…my FiOS service provides 25 MBPS download speed and i can increase this is I pay a little more. Based on the ITU fiber PON (Passive Optical Network) standard.

      • Jeff in Dallas

        I’ve had FiOS Internet and TV in Dallas for several years now and its BLAZING fast and CHEAPER than Time Warner or Comcast by about $15 per month. My speedtests come out about 30Mbps down and 24 up.

  • Pocho Basura

    I do not use ‘google’ for anything.
    Seach I use , they do not record my IP address

    • Ed Coyne

      How can you be sure?

    • Catherine

      I use bing myself, sometimes Yahoo even.

      • Brian

        You guys crack me up. Every search engine tracks their users. So do most companies. They do it so they can advertise products you are interested in.

        Once you get over the creepiness of it, it’s not bad. And with print and TV commercials going to hell in a hand basket, it’s the only real way companies can market to customers.

    • Chris

      Here’s what you do: use 1 search engine for your normal every day searches, then use a different search engine for your questionable/porn/weird searches. So 1 search engine will have a history of normal searches and think you’re a decent normal person, then the other search engine will think you’re a complete freak but won’t have any identifying queries to match with it.

      This way if ever their database was hacked into and your search queries were leaked (which did happen to AOL users a few years back), someone couldn’t tie all your queries together and create a full picture of who you are.

  • Geezer

    Our company has been providing this to commercial customers for over two years!
    It’s just too expensive for most residential customers, but if we had the cash Google has we would be doing the same thing for residential customers.

    So, yeah..big snooze.No big deal.

    • Robert Deakson

      It’s simple just to replace multimode cable with mono-mode fiber optic cable and get max speed with no dispersion in the transmission,. but the big problem is in how fast enormously crowded traffice can be placed onto the one fiber to obtain the maximum speed. Better efforst might be expended in increasing multiplexing speeds in order to handle high traffic. The cable speed itself is already there and as been there for a long time.

  • Hairy Herry

    Yes, but it may not taste so good.

  • Snake Oil

    Whether it’s a dribble of urine or a fire hose of urine, it’s still urine.
    99% of the internet is a human waste product.

    • Teddy Humphries

      Yet, here you are. Amongst the pornographers and the purveyors of filth.

  • Mike

    I think Google wants to take over Comcast’s cable division. Comcast has the TV content with NBC so they might be willing to part with the cable part of the business. I can’t understand why Comcast’s stock is so low and Google’s is off the map. I’m just a day trader who reads the news and tries to find the most logical stock investments. @ 21.00 dollars a share Comcast is a bargin if the shares could rise.

    • clickron

      change blackbird to Mockingbird

    • clickron

      Mike, i just remembered something else, don’t invest anything based on what I said. I completely forgot about Operation Blackbird, Wikipedia that first before moving your money.

    • clickron

      Obama just had dinner with the President of Comcast-NBC when he vacationed at Martha’s Vineyard, sounds like a deal could be in the works.

  • Jason D

    Not really needed to have this kind of speed to the home. The backbone providers do not have the capacity for every home to have 100 meg + speed.

  • david

    And yet all Centurylink can provide me with is dial up. I only live in the 6th largest metro area in the US. Centurylink, keeping you in the 19th century.

    • Ed Coyne

      “in the 6th largest metro area” and you’re on dial-up?

      Sounds like you may be a cheapskate. Just sayin’.

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  • Jack

    This is what happens when you let the free market operate. Imagine what the internet would like like if it were government run. We’d still be on dialup everywhere.

  • william

    It won’t keep your colon healthy, the IRS with the FEDERAL GOVT. does that just fine

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  • Michael

    Must be nice. I live in a small town with a company called Mediacom as the sole “high speed” internet provider. I use the term “high speed” as a joke. At night, our d/l speed drops to .4 or .5 Mbps. Notice the decimal point in there. Sad really, I had better speeds 15 years ago.

    • ablubud

      Why do you need any faster speed than that?

  • PacRim Jim

    The good thing about this is that it will allow Google to collect information about us even faster.

    • JandJ

      You’re being facetious I hope? Google is definitely becoming a Big Brother corporation intruding on our privacy and freedom.

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