SAUSALITO (CBS SF) — A bicyclist was transported to a hospital Saturday morning with head injuries after the rider crashed through a car’s rear window in Sausalito, a police sergeant said.

The bicyclist had been traveling north on Second Street, a downhill stretch of road without parking on either side, when the rider struck the rear of a vehicle that was stopped while waiting to make a left-hand turn, Sgt. Bill Fraass said.

The vehicle, which had been stopped for about 15 seconds while waiting to turn from Second Street onto Valley Street, was stopped for oncoming traffic because there are no stop signs for that maneuver, Fraass said.

The bicyclist shattered the vehicle’s back window, sustaining a head injury of unknown severity, and was transported to Marin General Hospital, he said.

An investigation of the crash is ongoing, Fraass said.

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Comments (7)
  1. 3X800 says:

    J, I’ve told you many times, we do no such things. However, we are still following you everywhere and have you under surveillance 24/7.

  2. Luigi says:

    Another one bites the dust! But you know what? Being a cyclist, he will blame it on the other vehicle, sue, and since this is the Bay Area, he will win.

  3. Lee says:

    Yesterday I almost creamed an idiot who, as usual, ran a stop sign. If I hadn’t taken a second look before moving, there would have been a mess.

    I hope this rider will be ok.

  4. Equal Wheels says:

    Go to Facebook and check out the group Equal Wheels. We tend to comment often on topic’s like this.

  5. Tours Martel says:

    Texting while cycling bad, ok? The real question, though, is: how does one cycle with one’s cranium up one’s tookus?

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