SAN JOSE (CBS-SF)— San Jose’s newest elementary school is being called the most “hi-tech” campus in Silicon Valley with teachers and students anxiously awaiting the arrival of their own iPads and iPod touches.

Students at San Antonio Elementary are learning their ABC’s through singing, and also by touching the letters on giant digital white boards at the front of the classroom. Teachers can also write on the boards and transfer images from their desktop computers.

“It is very exciting, yet a tremendous challenge,” said award-winning principal Norma Rodriguez. She added that before students can learn from the technology, teachers have to learn how to use it.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

“There are some teachers here who are already embracing the tools, who already are teaching others,” Rodriguez said. “Critical will be for them to learn to collaborate.”

Thanks to federal stimulus funds, San Antonio is also getting iPod Touches for every student kindergarten through third grade, and iPads for students in the upper grades. The Apple devices should arrive by October.

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  1. T says:

    Wow, what a waste of money. These “educational tools” serve to teach students that cool new high-tech toys are important and make them better than their peers at other schools. Will the toys really help anything other than PR for the school and for Apple? Way to go, decision makers. As if kids need more help on how to become individualistic a-holes.

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