Many of us in the Bay Area have visited San Francisco’s famed “Financial District.” Everyday, thousands of us come to work among its skyscrapers. Yet, how many of us come downtown just to enjoy ourselves? Come on a trip to rediscover a vital neighborhood. Take a stroll through history, and stand–literally–on the spot where an old “gold ship” is buried. Visit what one historian says “is the most famous building in all the world.” Eat at some of the best restaurants on the planet.


For more information on “buried ships” in downtown San Francisco, visit:
Archeologist: Allen Pastron

For more information on the iconic “Chia Pet” and its founder Joe Pedott, visit
“Joseph Enterprises, Inc”

For dining at “Henry’s Hunan:”

For dining at “Schroeder’s German Restaurant”

For dining at “Brindisi” in Belden Alley, visit:

To arrange for a “Chef’s Table” at “One Market:”

San Francisco Architectural Walking Tour (with Rick Evans)
(415) 264-8824

Comments (3)
  1. Bob Thornson says:

    Hello Eye on the Bay,

    I enjoyed the show on the Financial District very much. After the episode, I was thinking that you could do a whole show just on the Pacific Stock Exchange in the heart of the Financial District. The history and the classic architechture would make for a great “Eye on the Bay!” I worked there for a year from 1989-1990 and my dad worked there for over 38 years. Here’s hoping you can do a Pacific Stock Exchange show!

  2. kevin says:

    Well after visiting early in Jan – my best friend now lives with his wife in Pacifica walking the streets was a great experience, being from London and all.
    Clean to say the least and the people ok in my book – looking forward to Nov when I hope to do a bit more of what I started, this time I think a touch of the nightlife is also in order…. 3 weeks of R&R in a lovely city. Forget the touristy bits, same the world over, there to impress but not all that the city has to offer, the financial district has loads to offer…. Here I come San Fransisco…:)

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