San Francisco Women’s Commission Hopping Mad Over NBC’s Playboy Bunny Show

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women is taking aim at a new NBC television series about Playboy’s infamous bunnies. The commission argues that the show portrays women in a demeaning manner and has passed a resolution condemning the upcoming show called The Playboy Club.

Commission President Kay Gulbengay said the network needs to cancel the show before it ever gets on the air and replace it with one that shows the achievements of women.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

“It’s really an insult to the women of the 60s who fought hard to give equal rights to all women today,” said Gulbengay.

The premise of the show is set in Chicago where Hugh Hefner’s first Playboy Club was located and features well endowed, scantily-clad women wearing rabbit ears dubbed by Hefner at the time as “Playboy bunnies.”

The commission wants San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors to get on board with their resolution and the Show has also been condemned by other feminists, including Gloria Steinem.

NBC retorted calling the Playboy Club a provocative drama about a time and place that challenged the existing social mores and transformed American culture; adding that a key to the male only Playboy Club was the most sought after status symbol of the 60’s.

The peacock network plans to begin airing the new series in two weeks.

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  • Stephanie Rudin Clark

    I am so tired of CA Democrats and the Left engaging in silliness. With high unemployment the debate seems to be focused on “Bike Bubbles”, banning styrofoam and now THIS! If our politicians (right and left) would focus on JOBS, these ladies wouldn’t have to dress in bunny suits to make a living! At the very least, with all the griping about “free speech” on BART, this show should be at the mercy of the viewers and not banned because some find it offensive. Let us ALL find it offensive, tune it off and have it get cancelled.

    • R

      Wow. Since when do YOU lean to the Right??!!

  • R

    Wow. Since when are your leaning to the right?

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