LARKSPUR (KCBS) – A kayaker who spent a chilly night on the San Francisco Bay was rescued after a Golden Gate Ferry crew on a Wednesday morning run noticed her clinging to a navigation marker in the water.

The woman, whose name and age have not been released, set off from Larkspur sometime Tuesday afternoon before she got into trouble, ferry officials said.

“Somehow she began kayaking in Sausalito and wound up on the Larkspur side of the Bay,” said Mary Currie, a spokeswoman for the Golden Gate Bridge and Transportation District.

The ferry crew radioed for help when they noticed her just outside Larkspur Channel on one of the fixed channel markers vessels used for navigation.

“Quite a ways to be adrift,” Currie said.

A rescue vessel was quickly dispatched so the ferry could continue its run. The woman was treated for hypothermia and taken to a Marin County hospital for observation.

A number of kayakers, windsurfers and other boaters in distress over the years owe their rescues to the alertness and quick responses of Golden Gate Ferry crews.

“That’s part of the duties of being on the Bay,” Currie said.

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Comments (4)
  1. Gary Wagner says:

    stupid to be out there along,bill her for the rescue!

  2. Gary Wagner says:

    sorry for the typo,to be out there alone…..

  3. Popeye says:


    (1) A master or individual in charge of a vessel shall render assistance to any individual found at sea in danger of being lost, so far as the master or individual in charge can do so without serious danger to the master’s or individual’s vessel or individuals on board.

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