SANTA CLARA (CBS SF) — Wildlife rescue workers will try to find and rescue several ducks in Santa Clara that have been shot with blowgun darts.

At the Marina Playa apartments in Santa Clara, a four-inch blow dart with a green tip can be seen protruding through the head of a young mallard duck wading in a pond. The dart entered just under the duck’s eye and came out through its cheek.

“Your heart breaks in every way when you see this kind of a thing,” said a resident who only identified himself as Dimitry.

Dimitry told CBS 5 he was appalled after seeing at least five ducks struck by the blow darts.

The darts, typically made of hardened steel, and the blow guns are illegal in California. Besides animal cruelty charges, the shooter could also face state and federal charges.

A worker at the complex found one duck with five blow darts piercing its body. The worker tried to rescue the duck, but it died after being pulled out of the water.

The surviving ducks still roam about the manmade ponds and appear to be eating normally, but are likely in much pain. Wildlife workers plan on coming out to rescue them on Thursday.

Neighbors are fighting back by posting signs around the complex, an investigation has been launched by officials, and a $5,000 reward is being offered for the arrest of the shooter.

Comments (16)
  1. Lee says:

    What a sick S.O.B. These birds aren’t harming anyone or anything. If he can be caught, the same thing sould be done to him just to let him know what it feels like. A person like this is sub-human. I will not call him an animal because that is a nasty insult to the animals.

  2. Michael Hardesty says:

    I agree with Lee.

  3. Big Time says:

    Meanwhile, 23 million chickens are killed every day for fat, hungry Americans and nobody thinks twice.

    1. Dawg says:

      I don’t like chicken.

    2. Tony Stoltz says:

      Hey Big Time, If you can’t tell the difference between the two then I feel sorry for you..

    3. unknown says:

      This is not China

    4. Tim says:

      I love chicken and duck.

    5. templescroll says:

      I always think twice before I eat chicken…like was this chicken ‘darted’ first? LOL

  4. Rex says:

    Remove the ducks. The apartment complex does’nt deserve to have them. Must be a section-8 tenants’ bored boyfriend with a new flea market toy!

    1. templescroll says:

      yes…I agree. Take the ducks away and bring them to a safer environment.

  5. unknown says:

    chickens do not suffer at all I grew up on a farm yes we ate chicken humanly killed they did not suffer nor were confined in stuffed cages

  6. Agent P says:

    Do you think if someone in that complex was robbed or beaten at knifepoint – or ‘darted’, that there would be an outcry like this, or a $5000 (soon to be much higher I’m sure), reward for capture…?

    Right –

  7. Choice says:

    These ducks could use a “Duck Cam” of some kind so we could find out who is shooting darts at them.. It could be done.

  8. Shady says:

    Blowguns are something kids/teenagers would play with because it is a weapon used by ninjas (ok and maybe indigenous tribes – but nobody fantasizes about being in a tribe). I would check other areas around that neighborhood for other darts (telephone poles, houses, etc). Whoever owns it has probably test fired it many times to see how far and how accurate it is before deciding to target animals. I’m surprised it’s only ducks and not cats/dogs/birds at this point. My god I need to stop watching Criminal Minds

  9. qormi says:

    For God’s sake…have undercover cops prioritize this and catch this psycho.

  10. BarbiS says:

    An eye for an eye….. find the culprits and shoot arrows into them! Justice!

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