SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – If you’ve got a car in San Francisco you’re already paying a load in insurance, your dents have dents, you have to suffer through critical mass and people hating on you for ruining the planet.

And if that wasn’t enough… there’s the insanely complex, nearly impossible to decipher conflicting parking signs and rules.

Thankfully on Labor Day, the city of San Francisco is going to reward you with a ticket-free day of parking on Labor Day…sort of…

Parking Enforcement Schedule & Rules

Labor Day (Sept. 5th, 2011)

  •     Street Sweeping: Not enforced (M-F street sweeping that is… the few streets that have 7-day street sweeping will still be enforced)
  •     Residential Permit Parking: Not enforced
  •     Commuter Towaway: Not enforced
  •     Green Zone: Not enforced (short term parking – usually 10 mins Monday-Saturday 10am to 6pm)

The So-So News

  •     Yellow Curbs : Commercial loading & unloading parking zones are enforced, but there’s no tow-away. (you can still get a ticket)
  •     White Zone: Passenger loading zones are enforced (5 minute limit), but only while the business (and some apartment buildings) is open – if the business that paid for the zone (usually the one right in front of the white zone) is closed, it’s free parking.
  •     (Beware… some businesses are 24 hours even though they may look closed – Our parking enforcement source recommended you find a security guard for the building and ask.)

The Bad News:

  •     Parking Meters: Enforced. Yes, you have to pay your stupid meter on Labor Day.
  •     Like all days you are allowed to park at a broken meter, but the posted time limit still applies.
  •     Red Zone: Enforced
  •     Blue Zone: Enforced (Handicap)

Source: SFMTA Holiday EnforcementSFMTA Color Curb Program Details & SF.Funcheap

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