SAN JOSE (CBS 5) – Neighbors have long complained that some San Jose coffee shops look more like gentlemen’s clubs. Now, police are taking action.

It’s against the law to be topless in San Jose, but both police and elected officials have known for some time that topless servers are an issue at some Vietnamese coffee houses.

Authorities recently received undercover video from the wife of a man who frequented the Quyen Café.

According to San Jose Police, officers in full uniform walked into the club around 8:30 p.m. Sunday. On the spot, police cited two 22-year-old women and a 23-year-old, for serving customers while topless. Officials said the offense violates the municipal code, and will require the women to appear in criminal court.

Because the women were cited and not arrested, police declined to release their names.

One customer said he doesn’t think police should be spending their scarce resources citing topless women.

“It’s a business,” said customer Jon Mendoza. “People have to make money. It is a very hard economy right now, and if people need jobs, why take them away?”

The owner of the club has not been cited, but police said that could change in the future.

Quyen Cafe is one of about 20 such coffee houses in the area near Tully and King Roads.

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Comments (40)
  1. SFCARE says:

    ” oh good! for a moment there I thought they had solved every murder and there was NO MORE CRIME IN SJ! (Imean SJ”S FINEST MUST EARN A LIVING TOO!)

  2. iThinman says:

    Business is soon to be booming! Thanks for the heads up..

  3. jojo says:

    A wife of a customer complained.I see some arguments in the future at that happy home.

  4. New Priorities says:

    Interesting. A few weeks ago, SJPD laid off 66 officers due to budget deficits, and also announced police would no longer respond to burglar alarms or car crashes. (Reported on this very CBS web site.) However, they obviously will respond to topless waitresses. So, the lesson here is that the next time you are robbed, or involved in a car crash in San Jose, be sure to tell the police there’s a topless waitress involved, otherwise they won’t send anyone.

    1. no name says:

      totally agree, wasted my tax dollars, thumb down for SJ police

    2. TomTom says:

      I like your sense of humor, gave me a laugh that is for sure. Something is off haha, oh city governments….

    3. eightup says:

      topless waitresses won’t kill people, police officers need to use their manpower somewhere else before they will get lay off more.

    4. Puri Shea says:

      Agree with you, we have filed complaints of child molestation case and filed to the Internal Affair Unit, SJPD ignored our complaints unless you have friends in connection with the City commissioner or the chief…
      California Law states that WHOEVER know the child molestation or child neglect, needs to report to law enforcement, which we did, I THINK they only take actions if that person is public figure or popular of the city. In our case, WE never ever complaints again to the SJPD, even when WE received death threats because THEY did nothing… in case we would missing or dead, they probably hid the evidence as well, JUST as the case of Troy Davis in Georgia… it is bad that the laws and their Enforcement Rules are not followed… so sad..

  5. Hoa Le says:

    Why is the man spend allot of time in that coffee shop than at home??? The wife should ask themself that question instead getting jealous (the answer is the wife too much bossy at home and give NO respect for their man at all!!!).

    1.! says:

      There is just so much wrong with this whole response. Where do I start…allot? too much bossy at home? give No respect for their man? Seriously – these are the kind of girls that are topless in a COFFEE BAR – haha.

      1. hoa le says:

        Than you do not know about asian woman at all !!!

  6. Rose Kuo says:

    Why is it that men from other cultures treat their women like trash and we let this go on. Why is it that American men think this is okay? Women have value and to make them mere object of pleasure degrades them It is better for them to clean floors that to treat their bodies like trash because times are hard. Shame. I think women need to tell these guys that they will not be treated like so much refuse so that their male egos can be fed. What is wrong with these guys that they can’t find a good wife. Why do they have to pay for favors?

    1. ElginBaylor says:


      Women do have value. These coffee houses, however, are a BUSINESS. Women choose to work there willingly, and are compensated well for their CHOICE. I don’t think these women “treat their bodies like trash because times are hard” dear- they use their youth and good looks to make good money. I’m certain any of these young ladies could land a job at Starbucks- but why not be paid 3-5 times more hourly for the same work? They are maximizing their time.

      The rest of your post sounds like complete gibberish, but I will address as best I can…

      “I think women need to tell these guys that they will not be treated like so much refuse so that their male egos can be fed.”

      That’s your personal opinion. As someone who has frequented coffee houses in San Jose, I don’t recall girls being mistreated by customers (at least not much more compared to most service/retail jobs), and as a customer, I don’t go for the “ego boost.” I go because I very much like enjoying a cup of coffee with beautiful women while getting my work done. Last time I checked that wasn’t a crime.

      “What is wrong with these guys that they can’t find a good wife. Why do they have to pay for favors?”

      First of all, the decision to marry or not marry is a personal one that you should not be insisting or forcing upon people. Why is it somehow morally wrong to enjoy the company of women without involving the institution of marriage? Second, speaking of marriage, the divorce rate in this country is over 50% and women have a tendency of getting half- that’s why men don’t go looking for a “good wife” because if things don’t work out, that good wife will most likely go looking for a good lawyer. I’ve personally witnessed over a dozen divorces within my circle of friends and family and it is very messy and costly. Third and lastly, where do you get off accusing anyone of having to “pay for favors”? You seem to be implying that their are sex acts that are taking place, but nowhere in the above article/video was that the case.

      Get your facts straight and please step down from your high horse. While you may think you are some sort of champion for women’s rights, you are not. You just sound like a very jealous, insecure, overly conservative, and very judgmental female looking to impose your world view on others while not having made any attempt to understand the situation at hand.

    2. BESOS PARA TE says:


      1. JustUs says:


        Bravo,well done *wink* *wink* ~_*

    3. norbit says:

      You make it sound like they’re running a brothel in that cafe. It’s not. The girls decide to go topless while they serve coffee. This isn’t prostitution. And it’s not like they are forced to go topless. They themselves decide whether or not they want to. Get your facts straight before you start mouthing off.

      1. Me says:

        It is STILL illegal norbit…………

  7. joe despres says:

    nice to know being topless is more important than killing innocent people, BART-cop style. They need to get their priorities straight.

  8. captain caveman! says:


  9. YourOldAndOverweight says:

    If there was a bakery that had topless male models I’m sure most of these complaining women here would have a thought about going there with her girlfriends. BUT because the wife has eaten too much fatty bakery foods already and lost her shape, she is jealous that her husband meets his buddies at a coffee shop like this. Why don’t the ladies stop being controlling or you will find your husband at a massage parlor instead of an innocent asian style coffee shop.

  10. J.D says:


    1. HOME BOY says:


  11. connie says:

    The cops have better things to do than bothering customers enjoying
    some innocent topless waitress doing her job..
    Too many gangs & drugs that the cops should focus on! these self righteous
    up tight people that don’t like it …Stay away!

  12. bmac says:

    If these women are just doing their job, it should be the owner who gets cited!

  13. coffeelover says:

    i go there for the delicious coffee

  14. motojj says:

    you should be as ashamed for sesationalising this as the police should be to dedicate any resources given SJs crime, gang and auto theft problems. Shame on all fof you!

  15. George Angermeir says:

    I can’t believe our police are wasting their time on this. It is nobodys business and we sure don’t need our mother government dictating our morals. If you don’t like it, don’t go in there and if it is your husband, maybe you should take better care of him at home or get a breast implant and go topless at home.

  16. Kev says:

    I’ve been to several of those Vietnamese Coffee Shops, even if they are topless, there nipples aren’t suppose to be exposed. I had one chick give me some Vietnamese Coffee topless with just tape covering nipples. So why should police worry, it’s inside the coffee shop not outside.

  17. DaveNYUSA says:

    Lemme guess; the cops only got involved AFTER they were denied free donuts with their free coffee?

  18. Al says:

    Exactly! What a waste of tax payers money! There are bigger fish to fry.

    And what they heck were they doing in there to begin with….to drink coffee? NOT!

  19. btmsup says:

    Business must be boobing.

  20. kidding me? says:

    Yo u have to be kidding me? This is what the police choose to dedicate resource on in spite of gangs, auto theft, and major crime? Do you know if you get you car stolen, they police won’t even come out to make a report?

    And we have resources on this?

    and you choose to cover it like this?

    CBS and the SJPD should be equally ashamed

  21. David Clarke says:

    Considering the bad economy and the ages of the girls involved, I think the court should just warn the girls and not charge them with any crimes.

  22. Jon Mendoza says:

    When did that air? i want to see the clip.

    1. Jon Mendoza says:

      Nvm.found it. Mentioned in the monologue.

  23. robert trebor says:

    Can someone in the know please post an address where we can write to the SJPD Chief and can voice our displeasure misusing taxpayer funds. This sounds just like the Howard Stern v. FCC days, 1 person complains & countless funds are wasted toward a wasteful cause.

  24. Me says:

    Topless waitresses thrown in jail while another murder suspect gets away with murder……….I’ll bet EVERY cop on the force is there to check them out……YOUR TAX DOLLARS HARD AT WORK……..

  25. Idiots at Sleazeeee CoffeeBars says:

    Men who obviously require Viagra. Poor things..may they go to JAIL.

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