Liam Mayclem and Thuy Vu travel the Bay to highlight the mobile dining phenomenon.  The duo show off the realities of cooking “on the line” and follow a San Carlos mom as she drives the Peninsula to sell her cakes.

SF Street Food Festival

La Cocina

Jessica Battila (7 x 7 Magazine)


Slanted Door

Zella’s Soulful Kitchen

Roli Roti Truck

Jett Cakes

(415) 608-9472

Off the Grid

Chairman Bao Mobile Truck!/chairmantruck

Hapasf Truck

Eat Real Festival, Oakland

Comments (12)
  1. Mark says:

    Do any of these street trucks ever come over to the East Bay?

    1. Circle the Wagons says:

      Yes, Berkeley, Emeryville and Jack London Square

  2. Charles N Stephanny Hinojosa says:

    do the trucks meet up at fort mason every friday at their parking lot?

    1. LIAM MAYCLEM says:

      The trucks are there most Fridays.

      Head to for updates and a list of vendors.


  3. AC says:

    Where can I get Liam’s “I camera food” t-shirt?

    1. LIAM MAYCLEM says:


      head to
      there should be a way to find a Tshirt there.
      message me back here if you have little luck!

      Liam -)

  4. JC says:

    Hi Liam,

    I’m looking for the Kitchen where people can cook to develope there products. You mentioned it in the very beginning of the show.
    Thanks so much!

    1. liam Mayclem says:

      JC – La Cocina in the Mission neighbourhood in San Francisco – it’s an incubator kitchen that is open to the community for food prep, business advice, support & more.

      The link ios above with all the links and also here!



  5. Jan says:

    I’m not sure when this segment was filmed, but Is Jett Cakes closed. It looks like they haven’t updated their site since late 2010.

  6. Brenda says:

    Foloow Food Truck Mafia in The East Bay.they have great food trucks,some that were on tonites show.Also Best Truck Grillstars

  7. Hey there! You guys should have went to the Moveable Feast in San Mateo at the Event Center, the only event NOT on asphalt – trees and grass its lovely for the kids…last event for the season is October 7th!

  8. victoria sodini says:

    We’re watching the food truck episode, & we’d love to invite you to visit the Golden Boy Pizza/Street-zza food truck, the 1st pizza by the slice food truck!
    Come & visit us or we can come visit you & feed your cast and crew!
    Thanks a bunch – hope to “feed ” you soon!!
    P. S. LOVE Eye on the Bay!

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