San Francisco Supervisor Pushes For Car-Free Market Street

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – A new resolution introduced at a San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday urges more limits on private vehicles on Market Street. Board president and mayoral candidate David Chiu told the board that he ultimately wants Market Street to be a car-free zone.

San Francisco already has some measures in place to cut down on eastbound traffic on Market between 6th and 10th streets but Supervisor David Chiu made it clear at Tuesday’s board meeting that his long term goal for Market is much grander.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

”I believe a viable vision for the future of Market Street is of a world class avenue that draws its success from the huge number of people that it attracts through transit and taxis, on foot and on bicycles, and without private vehicles, except for delivery vehicles,” said Chiu.

His resolution proposes additional pilot programs to further reduce, or even eliminate, cars on Market, although he doesn’t spell out the specifics.

The policy measure, if approved, would only be advisory. San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency, not the Board of Supervisors, determines where cars can and cannot go.

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  • Guapi

    Enough alreadyt! It’s plenty hard to get through the city as it is without this dumb idea to close a major street and further clog traffic on surrounding streets.

  • rs

    it’s not like you can get anywhere from market st. anyways. you can’t make left turns anywhere so unless you’re making a right turn, why bother with that street. the surrounding streets are much easier to use.

  • Luigi

    This resolution is being introduced now as a slick political move to win the endorsement of the bike coalition in the mayor’s race. The bike coalition has the strongest voice in politics these days.

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