SANTA CRUZ (CBS SF) — Santa Cruz police are looking for two people suspected of hitting and dragging a police officer with a truck after the officer stopped them on suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle on Wednesday.

An officer spotted a suspicious truck around 10 p.m. in the 200 block of Jackson Street, police said.

The officer pulled up, contacted the occupants and ran a preliminary check on them and the truck, which had paper dealership plates.

Just as dispatch was advising him that the truck was stolen, the driver started the truck and pulled away, dragging the officer—who was standing on the driver’s side—nearly 30 feet, police said.

The officer was thrown from the side of the truck and narrowly escaped being run over, police said.

Other officers responded and eventually found the truck abandoned on Isabel Court, but could not find the occupants. Witnesses told police a car came by and picked them up.

A search of the truck revealed heroin and other items police believe were also stolen.

The suspects have been identified as Ryan Mang, 37, and Shivhan Armstrong. Police did not provide an age for Armstrong.

Both have extensive criminal records, police said.

The officer who was injured is 37-years-old and a nine-year veteran of the department, according to police.

He was transported to Dominican Hospital and released Thursday morning. The officer will remain off-duty while he recovers from his injuries, police said.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact the Santa Cruz Police Department at (831) 420-5820 or leave a tip online at

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Comments (13)
  1. Biker says:

    Addicts on the loose.

  2. ck says:

    His picture is classic. Just looks like a goof.

  3. howey says:

    heroin & meth… classic.

  4. bhf says:

    From her fb page

    “About Shivhan – i am a f()ing b()ch and i love it! i love my life and everything in it.
    Interested in Women”
    Maybe she was with the wrong guy?

  5. Kayoss says:

    Its funny to find that when a police officer gets hurt/killed, the public are not outraged about the situation But when an officer shoot someone because they felt that their live is in danger, the public act like it was armageddon. We are giving too much power and rights to criminals. We should be protecting the people who are risking their lives to protect us. Example San Jose, Since the layoffs of hundred of officers, crime rate goes up and it is the same people who complain about police brutality that are now crying that San Jose does not have enough police officers to protect the city. Its a lose lose situation.

    1. robert says:

      The public is not outraged that a cop gets hurt; because, cops are not the goods guys anymore! You have encountered a cop haven’t you? You know them, they treat everyone like an armed criminal, lecture everyone about everything then go out an do the exact same thing themselves or worse!

      1. bhf says:

        Robert, I feel sorry for you. All the police in my area are wonderful people who go the extra mile to make our community a good one. If anyone is treated poorly by a police, it is the reflection of the one police officer, not an entire force.

      2. DaPoPoMan says:

        Robert – you sound upset about having been “lectured.” Police are responsible for holding people accountable. Have you been held accountable? No one likes having their shortcomings pointed out. Do you know for a fact that the officer who held you accountable is a bad person who then went and did the same thing you did? Or are you just generalizing? I work with a lot of officers who do not treat everyone like they are armed and dangerous and they do not behave the same way as the people they police. And yes we do hold people accountable for their actions. When presented in a way that does not make it “personal” most people realize we are doing our jobs. It is often the lack of communication skill on the officer’s part which makes the “lecture” seem to be a personal attack, when in fact it is not what is being said that is wrong but rather HOW it is being said.

        I know a lot of people hate me simply because I wear a uniform but I do not brutalize people. If someone wants to make the mistake of attacking me then I will stop them and they will not like it. I have actually had more people thank me after taking them to jail than I have had curse me, though there have been some of those as well. As long as I do not act like an a##hole with people things usually go just fine. There is reason for me to act that way with people, even with the most heinous criminals. It is my job to investigate and arrest them for crimes, not to punish them for their actions. Unfortunately, today with the lack of good ethics on the part of government and prosecutors it seems that our jobs are for naught and this gets to a lot of officers who then do what they can to try and “right” these perceived “wrongs.”

        However, as with all things these “bad apples” do not reflect accurately on policing as a whole, just as most citizens are not hard-core violent criminals. And as one saying holds, “Opinions are like a##holes, we all have one and they all stink!”

  6. Tito says:

    I know ryan mang and he is a total sociopath. it looks like he lost himself completely in drugs, hes fried. ha ha u punk have fun sitting in jail where u belong. your not even human & dont deserve to be walking around among the rest of us.

  7. Tito says:

    RYAM Mang ripped of a bunch of people for a lot of mon e. he is a low life, just real trash, hope u never get out. punkazz

  8. Tito says:

    Ryan mang deteiriorated rapidly looking at his mug shot. thats what crystal will do to u. he deserves anything the court can throw at him. he terrorized and stole from lots of people to feed his habits. how could somebody be so two faced and fake. although he may get what he deserves it wont undo the damage he has inflicted on the lives of good & honest people. what a monster, thank god he is no longer free.

  9. Adam Muth says:

    Oh my god, I think I knew that Shivhan woman from my old elementary school. She’s only three years younger than I am. We were sort of friends back then as when we spent time at this daycare center after school before our parents got off work to come pick us up. She was such a sweet little girl then, but jeez, how did she let herself go like that?

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