SAN RAFAEL (KCBS) – Republican presidential primary candidate Michele Bachmann took jabs at the Obama administration’s investment in Solyndra at a campaign fundraiser Thursday, and defended remarks linking a vaccine against the human papilloma virus to mental retardation.

Bachmann criticized President Obama for the “Solyndra fiasco” that allowed the now bankrupt solar company to take advantage of Department of Energy loan guarantees.

“If this any indication of how stimulus money is used, we need to reject the further stimulus that the president is proposing now in his next jobs program,” she said.

The Minnesota Congresswoman said she’s willing to be a one-term president if that will help her overhaul the tax code to pass “the mother of all repeal bills” to undo investments she derided as “venture socialism.”

Supporters paid $100 each to meet a candidate who has faltered in the polls since Texas Gov. Rick Perry declared his candidacy. The Bachmann fundraiser at a private home in the city’s Peacock Gap neighborhood was sponsored by a Tea Party group, the Bay Area Patriots.

Bachmann also reiterated her defense of a campaign misfire after the GOP debate Monday when she assailed Perry’s executive order mandating that Texas middle-school girls receive the HPV vaccine.

“At the conclusion of the debate, a woman came up to me who was very distraught. She was crying and she thanked me for my remarks and said that her daughter had a negative reaction,” she said.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

Bachmann declined to retract or apologize for those remarks, condemned by doctors and vaccine advocates as unfounded and potentially dangerous.

After the San Rafael event, Bachmann headed to a fundraiser in Hillsborough. She was scheduled to speak Friday at the California Republican Party Convention in Los Angeles.

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Comments (8)
  1. Kodiax says:

    if this bimbo had ANYTHING of substance to say, such as specifically HOW shes going to lower gas prices,deal responsibly with foreign affairs etc, I MIGHT have bothered to listen to her. all ive heard from her is raging attacks on opponents and deleriously inaccurate fear mongering drivel.

  2. Irish says:

    can someone please tell her to shut up

    1. LiberalsAreLosers says:

      Why? Because you don’t like what she says? But, I thought the left was so tolerant. I guess not. Only like diversity if its of skin-color, but not of thought? Another liberal loser. Someone says something I don’t like, so I yell at them to Shutup.


  3. justice for all says:

    Really? Because I am not a T-bagger – I am not a patriot? Please. These people are out of control. I can’t wait until I no longer have to hear her disingenuous hyperbole.

  4. LiberalsAreLosers says:

    hyperbole? isn’t hyperbole the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device? and then you refer to “these people” as being “out of control?” now, aren’t you speaking in hyperbole??? oooh, but you seemed so intelligent with your insult.

    And “T-bagger?” A little juvenile, don’t you think? Oh wait. Your another liberal. Liberals brains don’t progress beyond that of a 12-year olds.

  5. Jerry Frey says:

    Perry – Dubya redux, thinks entitlement programs are unconstitutional; Paul – an oddity; Santorum – nothing better to do; Pawlenty – so what; Bachmann – get a clue, no accomplishments in Congress; Cain – no chance; Huntsman – no chance; Gingrich – super dud; Romney – plastic fantastic, spineless. Sarah Palin still lurks about marketing her brand name. Donald Trump may give it another shot for more free publicity, something he excels at.

    1. LiberalsAreLosers says:

      Nice try. A ball of wax could beat the muslim, socialist, manboy president. And unlike liberals, conservatives don’t look to the government for answers. We are just fine with anyone who can limit government’s role and ensure a strong national defense. It doesn’t take anyone with all the lacking qualifications you mentioned to do the job. Just stop spending our money and cut our tax rates. You feeble liberals will never get it. But know this. The days of suckling from the taxpayer teet is coming to an end for you and your ilk.

  6. ruth says:

    What were the names of the tea at the morning brunch?

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