SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF)— Tenants being evicted from San Francisco’s Pier 38 are being evicted indefinitely and have been told it’s for their own safety. Those tenants got a long-awaited meeting with city and port officials Friday, but left dissatisfied with what those officials had to say.

The city has spent a lot of time attracting tech firms, many of which have settled along that Pier, but the man who rented the pier 14 years ago subdivided it and made renovations, that include building false walls without a permit.

KCBS’ Bob Butler Reports:

Harbormaster Don Byrne said the pier was inspected last month and found at least 65 code violations.

“There are sewer gasses being vented right into the occupants’ spaces. It doesn’t happen all the time,” Byrne said “but there’s a little pressure valve that’s on there so that when the pressure gets too high it will pop.”

Port Director Monique Moyer said they have no choice but to clear people out.

“The chief harbor engineer has advised them that for their own safety, they need to be out immediately. As a customer service aspect, we allowed them to try and stay until September 30th.

At the meeting, tenant after tenant, including Emilio Pasqualetti, wanted to know if and when they could move back.

“We are not complaining because we have to move. I am very thankful that someone is taking care of my safety. What the big deal is though, I hear no plan in restoring what it was. Restoring a community that used to work,” said Pasqualetti.

The Port Director didn’t have an answer to if and when the tenants could return.

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Comments (2)
  1. Tours Martel says:

    Swift action from a government entity to help business and save jobs? This is California, mate, not Texas. Swine will be seen hovering in Islamic countries before that happens.

  2. Roger Craig says:

    The city is only for the rich tech companies and the yuppies…

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