SACRAMENTO (KCBS) – California Governor Jerry Brown is one of the few politicians who is actually receiving fairly high marks for job performance.

According to the latest Field Poll, 49 percent of voters statewide said the governor is doing a good job, with 32 percent disapproving.

Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo said Brown received higher numbers in his first go-around as governor.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

“Jerry Brown himself got much higher ratings in the first year of his first term back in 1975,” he said. “Over 60 percent of Californians approved of his job performance.”

DiCamillo said the numbers were far worse for legislators in general as only 20 percent of voters viewed the job performance of state lawmakers as positive while 65 percent disapproved of their work.

“Over the past three years, (the numbers) have been extremely low,” DiCamillo said. “In fact, it reached an 80 percent negative rating about a year ago.”

DiCamillo said the handling of the state budget played a big role in the high disapproval rating for lawmakers.

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  1. Meg Ryan was not the right choice last year. says:

    I’ve been a staunch Republican for years and like Moonbeam’s record of late. He is telling Leland Yee and his liberal cronies to basically “shut up”. He has my vote next election and I never vote for Democrats and their spend spend spending.

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