WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS / AP) — Two Sacramento-area postal workers are facing the prospect of lengthy prison terms over allegations they stole hundreds of iPhones from the mail.

Prosecutors say a federal grand jury on Thursday returned a 61-count indictment charging Saravy Yem and Angel Pantoja-Lopez with conspiracy to steal mail and mail theft by postal service employees.

Yem and Pantoja-Lopez, both 27, worked at a postal service distribution center in West Sacramento where they sorted and processed mail.

Prosecutors say the two postal workers opened parcels containing AT&T iPhones, took the phones, then disposed of the empty parcels.

Investigators say they found nearly 300 empty AT&T iPhone parcels at the facility.

Prosecutors say if convicted, Yem and Pantoja-Lopez are facing up to five years in prison on each count.

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Comments (5)
  1. joe says:

    does not surprise me, we have had gift cards stolen from birthday and holiday cards sent to relatives. no wonder the usps has lost business, they are a bunch of thieves who get what they deserve. when we reported it to the usps authorities, we got nowhere.

  2. Ko Bo says:

    Greed and stupidity often go hand in hand.

  3. Sofa Kingdom says:

    Alot of mail that comes have been partially opened. I’ve always though that it was so that they make sure it wasn’t for commercial use or whatnot because it’d be charged at a different rate. Am I just a potential victim? Were they just peeking to see if it was worth stealing?

  4. Bruce Blake says:

    USPX sux has a real problem. Big time!

  5. Duh! says:

    These stupid fools left the empty boxes in the facility, how dumb can they be?

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