SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Some decisive numbers from the latest Field Poll show that Californians are resolute in their support for Proposition 13, the 1978 amendment to the California Constitution limiting the tax rate of real estate.

“By a greater than 2-to-1 margin voters oppose the idea of changing Prop 13 to enable the Legislature to increase taxes, with either a simple majority or, when we tested a second alternative, a 55% majority,” summed up Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo.

“It’s interesting,” he added, “majorities across all parties support Prop 13, certainly the Republicans are the strongest in favor.”

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

The recent Field Poll numbers mirror voters’ support at the ballot box several decades ago.

“63% of voters say they would vote in favor of it. 29% would vote against it. 8% were undecided,” DiCamillo broke down the Field Poll results. “It passed in 1978 by a 65%-35% margin.”

And, he added that it wasn’t just homeowners who expressed support for Prop 13. Renters support Prop 13, too.

“Renters probably believe that if you raise the property taxes of the landlord they will probably pass it along to the renter.”

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