SPARKS, Nev. (CBS SF) — The head of the San Jose chapter of Hells Angels has been killed in a gunfight at a Reno-area casino.

It happened at John Ascuaga’s Nugget about 11:30 p.m Friday during the annual Street Vibrations motorcycle event.

Police said Hells Angels leader Jeffrey Pettigrew died in a shootout with members of the Vagos club. More than 20 shots were fired between the rival motorcycle groups.

“Whenever you have people who enter our city with bad intentions, bad things are gonna happen and that’s what happened here last night,” Sparks Mayor Geno Martini said.

Martini declared a state of emergency and canceled the rest of the weekend’s events. He said there were fears of retaliation and a drive-by shooting outside the casino on Saturday morning was believed to be just that.

Two Vagos club members were wounded in the shooting.

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Comments (58)
  1. Kate says:

    I live near San Jose and I am quite sure I will not miss “Mr” Jeffery Pettigrew at all. Btw does it strike you are strange that he had such a posh name? Pettigrew? What was his street name? “Pet’ maybe. :))

    These bike gangs are major players in the drugs, sex slavery and extortion rackets on an international level. I wish we could round them all up and lock them away from their first offense. I am tired of them.

    1. Angela says:

      Kate, don’t you think it is rude to make fun of a dead man’s last name? I wish we could round people like you up and show you the real truth so you don’t ASSume. Stop thinking SOA is what the clubs are all about.

    2. Gianna says:

      It is very sad when you think it’s ok to make fun of or laugh at the dead. No one ever said that you have to like him, but if you dont have anything nice to say then why bother saying anything at all. At the end of the day this is someon’e child, husband, father, and friend. If you have no respect for him, at least have some respect for the people morning their loss right now.

    3. The Dog says:

      Were tired of u Kate.Ur probably a politician or in law enforcment.Bingo-

    4. Big Shea says:


      Step 1 …go to local gun store.
      Step 2: …purchase fire arm.
      Step 3: ..aim @ your face & pull the trigger.

      that is all.

  2. thane says:

    Support your local 81!!!

    1. the dog says:

      I second thane-support ur local 81-

  3. John Jacob Asstor says:

    Too bad they all weren’t blown away. At least they got big chief.

    I heard there will be a memorial service with light hors d’oevres and meth.

    1. Kevin Wallis says:

      im betting your cooking it up as we type…

    2. Angela says:

      Wow John! Compassion chip missing today? Maybe you should take a nice stroll to HA clubhouse and tell them instead of sitting here and wish they were all dead.

  4. Sonny says:

    I keep making irreverent comments that are disrespectful to that den of murderous thieves, but they are censored. It’s probably some sleazebag biker mom who works at the paper part time

    1. Kevin Wallis says:

      try saying it to there face instead of on a forum, you may be able to get your point across better.

    2. Angela says:

      Sonny, your boss might be the father or the mother of one of the sleazebag you’re referring to. Look over at the next cube, your co-worker might be a friend or a member of one of the MCs.

  5. Kevin Wallis says:

    about the same amount as what you have to say here im sure.

  6. Steve Kamikaze says:

    Kate & John, you two should get together cuz you both suck as reasonable thinking human beings.

    1. Kevin Wallis says:

      hey steve,, how ya doing. i see the trolls are out in force on here, and notice none show there real names…lol

    2. Pockets says:

      Hey Steve,
      You said exactly what I was thinking!

      1. Big Shea says:


        your friend “One Time” is the hottest chick to walk the planet.

        …..that is all.

        God bless the dead & RIP.

  7. Steve Kamikaze says:

    Hahaha…Billy Boy your real funny jus like a big joke.

  8. Rusty James says:

    Good riddance to bad trash. Why did this dirtbag have a job with the city?

    1. Angela says:

      because the so-called bad trash you’re referring to actually have the qualification to hold a job during this tough economic times. How people live their lives outside of work is their business. To call someone bad trash just because he was an MC president is narrow minded.

  9. Mr. Puzzled says:

    How come comments keep disappearing??? Puzzling.

  10. 415/650 says:

    I love how people trash talk the Angels hidden behind their computers. None of you would ever have the steel to step up and say what you write to any of them in person. COWARDS

    1. Rusty James says:

      The “angels” are cowards. They never fight one on one, they’re gangsters like all the hispanico gangs in San Jose. They also are cowards in how they treat women. They are cowards in that they shoot a bunch of others up that may not be armed. They are cowards in how they enslave women.

      I am disgusted that a KNOWN Hell’s Angel was employed by the city. It’s like hiring someone who is a known La Raza operative. Treasonous.

      1. 415/650 says:

        If someone attacked your one of your “family” members would your whole family jump into help or would they stand back and let them fight it out one on one?
        Hmmmmmm I know what my family would do…

        Unity through brotherhood.

      2. Angela says:

        How do they treat their women? I guess the question is, how do their women want to be treated? Some of these so called “old ladies” are groupie wannabe. They are proud be called “my old lady” by an MC member. They think they are bad ass just because their boyfriends are member of a club. A man can only treat you bad if you allow him to do so whether he is a biker or a CEO of a company. Where did you get the info on them enslaving their women?

        How do you know the folks they shoot at were unarmed? We have people in Oakland shooting at innocent folks everyday.

        There is nothing to be disgust about. Just because someone is a HA member doesn’t mean he is not allow to have a City job. There is no check box on the employment form that said which group are you associated with? I’m sure you are working with KKK members and not knowing it.

    2. Maal Member says:

      Who’s the bigger coward? The person carrying thinly-conceiled knives and guns amongst an un-armed populace, or the sane adult who’d rather not confront the person carrying thinly-conceiled knives and guns amongst an un-armed populace?

      1. NV Joe says:

        HAHA ALMOST EVERYONE Carries in Nevada.

        Hell its the easiest state in the union to get a gun,

        its also the easiest place to own machine guns…

        I see tons of the “un-armed populace” openly carring blades and other goodies.

    3. Raton says:

      Thats right. Behind the computer they can trash bikers, mexicans, blacks, unemployed etc… Very brave of this X and Y generations.

    4. DOG says:

      I heard that one 415/650.Its a business organazation-just like the i.r.s. and other government businesses in the community we all live in.Get with it people.The same individualls who wrote the RENKO ACT to protect themselves but the hell with all us so called labeled rebels of society.Iam tired of legallized theivery.Just practicing the oldest law on the books-The First Admenment that nobody excersizes anymore win they get pulled over by a 25 year old policeman that says shut the hell up and turn around-Ur under arresst.LOL people.

      1. wellness+ says:

        What is RENKO?



  12. phil says:

    I worked at a burger joint early in college. One Saturday, a fleet of choppers roared into town, and tanked up across the street. Scary! Thank God, they didn’t waltz over for refreshment.. It must be quite a life, being a big mean bar-fighting unwashed loser fashioning himself–and his bro’ dudes–as a ‘rebel’. Just him, his hog and his leathery old lady. Swell.

  13. Angela says:

    Funny how some folks on here stating how tired they are of MCs. How many of you actually interact with them? Just because a person is associated with an MC doesn’t make them bad. Being in an MC doesn’t take them away from the reality of having a real job. Even funnier is that most of these folks in MCs are having great job and working among companies in Silicon Valley or elsewhere. These guys also are Veterans who served this great nation. So, before you say how tired you are of them and their violence, maybe you need to go thank them first for their military service to give you the freedom now to trash talk them.

    1. Rusty James says:

      Then they didn’t learn much from their service. I know people on the periphery of the “angels” back in the 80s. What a disgusting lot of subhumans. What they find “fun” is at best perverse and heinous. Usually, it’s worse.

      Glad this one is going where he belongs, Hell. Hope the rest of them get sent there soon too.

    2. Maal Member says:

      I ride quite a bit and have had to turn around in disgust every time members of “certain” MC’s join in. Not all MC’s mind you, just “certain” MCs …

    3. Angie( a friend of the chief) says:

      Thank you Angela. I knew him and he was wonderful to me!!! I am so sad. He never treated me poorly ever!!!!

      1. Thane says:

        Sorry for your loss.


      2. The dog says:

        Angie 4 president-LOL

  14. Hitman says:

    Should have kept playing the slots instead of playing with their toys!

  15. C. Wyatt Hertz says:

    If those 2 gangs have a beef with each other, there are millions of square miles of unoccupied desert they could use to shoot it out with each other. Putting hundreds of innocent folks at risk is more a criminal act than just shooting at each other in a crowded venue. Perhaps the state could offer a corner of its desert for just that purpose.

  16. Mike says:

    Before you judge someone becuase they belong to an MC, you should get to know them. I have met and gotten to know a lot of MC members, from a variety fo MCs, including Angels, and have not met anyone that I was afraid of or disgusted with. People come in all sorts of sizes, colors and flavors, and that goes for MC people too. Jeff was a great guy, and did not deserve to be killed or slandered. Let us try to be civil and compassionate, snd not continue with the hate that caused Jeff’s death to begin with.

    1. Thane says:

      WOW a post that is full of reality!!

      Good post Mike.

  17. Will Carter says:

    I am always amazed at how quickly people jump to the “gang” reference. Or say things like, “They got what they deserved” well my friends, I can say without an ounce of doubt that the nicest, most compassionate, caring and honorable people I have ever met were those who ride in clubs. Anyone who has met them and spent so much as 20 minutes with patch holders would understand that. Anyone who has not met them and has the idiocy to make evil comments about them is speaking from a place of ignorance and fear. I know that we/they seem like bad people, forget what “Gangland” and “SOA” say about us. Forget what the media paints and ask yourself if you personally have had any run ins with club members. And yes, I know that there are some bad guys in some clubs, but that is no reason to wish us all dead. We are family men, with jobs, and children. We live by a code that calls for absolute brotherhood and we are more respectful then most people on the street. We are an easy target because we have a patch on our backs and we are harassed for it. Yet we still wear it because we believe what it stands for. It stands for freedom. Not freedom to do whatever you want, but freedom like our forefathers wanted. Please take a moment to understand that we have lost a friend, a brother, a family member. We have lost someone close to our hearts and you are making a mockery of it. We are people just like you only we are more public.

    1. Thane says:


      Sorry for your loss, I know what its like to lose a brother.

    2. wellness+ says:

      Sorry for your loss. It sounds as if you may be a member of a club. I understand these motorcycle clubs have strong belief in the word “Brotherhood”

  18. Axe says:

    Your comments are Simple Amazing !! you know Kate,,,, ” You cant fix stupid “

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