BERKELEY (CBS/AP) – A UC Berkeley republican group’s bake sale is causing controversy over its satirical spin on affirmative action.

Organizers of the “Increase Diversity Bake Sale,” set for Tuesday, planned to offer pastries priced according to the buyer’s race and gender. White students will be charged the most, Native Americans the least and women will get a 25-percent discount.

The event is designed to denounce a bill now on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk that would allow California public universities to consider race, ethnicity and gender in student admissions.

UC Berkeley senators voted 19-0 Sunday to denounce the event.

Another student group plans to sponsor a call-in booth for students to voice their support for the legislation.

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Comments (14)
  1. Hinda Blas says:

    This diversity thing is ridiculous. What ever happened to what a person can do? Affirmative Action has become racist in many areas. Discrimination exists now against people who are not of the “minority” status. We are not in a 1930s world anymore. Hence we should do away with a prejudicial mentality. If any PUBLIC university uses this diversity plan then that university needs to get it’s funding cut and just disappear. I’ve seen how prejudice exists in the Federal Government and at our schools. People who are not of a certain “race” cannot get Financial Assistance. Many are lying on the applications just to be accepted. Is this what we have come to? The Civil Rights Movement was not so the opposite would happen but that ALL ARE EQUAL.

    Apparently the government of the State of California and the Board of Edumacation have failed to read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

  2. jarr says:

    Reverse discrimination is all over the place now. Look around at all of the municipal employees in Bay Area cities. Latino, African American, Asians. No more hiring of caucasians.

  3. I’d love to see these guys have their “bake sale” down around the corner of 98th and International. If they really believe what they say, then they should be willing to take their message into the minority communities of the Bay Area.

    Yeah. That’d be fun to watch.

    1. Andrew Naunimuss says:

      ah, dislike the message, toss in a passive aggressive threat. But it does show that one sort of intolerance is accepted especially by those who benefit from it.

    2. philvich says:

      It sounds like you are advocating that they should go to a place where violence will be conducted against people who are making a point. It is amazing that the “tolerant” and “liberal” left has become so intolerant and hateful and fascist against any free speech that does not agree with their socialist ideology. A bit ironic, isn’t it?

      1. Paul Brownlee says:

        No it’s TYRANICAL

  4. Kevin Dias says:

    While I am against this bill, I believe Milan has made a very misguided statement on foreign students. For the record, in the context of Milan’s statement, foreign includes out of state as well as foreign nationals.
    Anyways, nobody is discriminating against in-state residents; in fact, in-state residents have had a much-apparent advantage throughout Berkeley’s history. In recent years, due to lack of funding and budget cuts Cal has been forced to increase out-of-state acceptance in order to keep amenities without firing people or cutting programs. Even still, it is easier for an in-state student to get in over an out-of-state student with an identical resume.
    To get back to the REAL issue (since apparently caps lock really gets a point out there), while a racial bake sale might seem extreme, maybe it’s what we need to get the point out there. “Affirmative Action” as it stands seems like nothing more than a little reverse racism. As a Cal student, I can say we don’t need it to “guarantee diversity”. We are better than this “two wrongs make a right” nonsense, and we should grow up and move along. Like Hinda Blas said, this isn’t the 1930’s any more.

  5. philvich says:

    It sounds like you are advocating that they should go to a place where violence will be conducted against people who are making a point. It is amazing that the “tolerant” and “liberal” left has seem to become so intolerant and hateful fascist against any free speech that does not agree with their socialist ideology. A bit ironic, isn’t it?

    1. Me says:

      philvich, WHAT, you thought your comment was so special you had to enter it twice?????……..

  6. Me says:

    I guess RACISM is ok as long as the blacks, asians, mexis, etc are doing it……but let one American do it and it is TABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…HAHAHAHA…enjoy your racist bake sale

  7. vegasbaby says:

    Reverse Discrimination is still discrimination; wrong to begin with. The content inherent in Affirmative Action policies hurts everyone. First, by denying an equal chance at opportunity to all, and second by implying some races, creeds or groups are less capable, and therefore need assistance to level the playing field.
    How shameful must those feel who realize their chance only came because someone else deemed them less able to succeed?
    As a society, we need to recognize talent, support skill and reward hard work and achievement – not hand out headstarts on the basis of race, creed or colour. This bake sale is meant to denounce and call attention to the bill in consideration, to stop it before more ‘Bleeding Heart Liberalism’ is forced down our legislative throats.
    The students of the future need to get into school on a merit basis – otherwise, we will end up with a society of people who believe they are entitled to consideration, based on their race instead of their qualifications. Oooops. Is it too late to change?

  8. alamedavigilante says:

    This should have been called the “Allan Bakke Memorial Bake Sale”. Seriously, I thought my generation settled this w/the Bakke Decision, which gave this white chick the courage to apply to medical school. Don’t tell me we have to go thru this again! Eternal vigilance is indeed the price of freedom

  9. janis says:

    if one group of people hadn’t decided to lynch, chain, and rape another group of people and then make legal their supression for years after… maybe this wouldn’t be a problem.

    You all know you’re freakin’ racist. I’m racist and honestly things like affirmative action is what keeps me from not hiring someone just because they’re black or handicapped or whatever. That is the consciousness that exists among many and that is what Affirm. action tries to combat.

    I don’t know why white Americans complain about Affirmative Action. Its what’s gonna give them us a place in universities when asians take over as the majority. Everyone is so distracted by immigrants and daylaboreres who are such a red herring….. bc honestlywho really is gonna work a field if they leave… that they don’t see china encroaching closer. How do you destroy your enemy? You make him your friend and then you betray him.

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